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Jean-Baptiste-Simeon Chardin (1699-1779)

French painter of the Rocco period

Chardin is known best for his still life paintings and depicting the of ordinary life - domestic, quiet and undramatic and of children (such as the one above "Girl with Racket").  Even though an artist during the Rocco period his work is very different to other Rocco painters of the time - which was very ordinate and sophisticated. In contrast, the works of Chardin was very simple (restrained) which made him a minor player of the times.
"Game of Knuckle bone" 1734
"Prayers" 1744
"Self portrait" 1771

In total he painted around 200 paintings. In his old age, Chardin gave up oil painting in favor of pastels because of his failing eyesight. The best of these pastels were self-portraits and portraits of his wife. Unappreciated at the time, these pastels are now highly valued. He died on the 8th of December.

"Grapes and Pomegranates"
"Still life" 1732



  1. I'd never heard of the Rocco period before:) I always thought Rocco was an Italian guy's name lol!
    I hadn't heard of this artist before either but I like his work!

  2. Jo,

    I'll have to concur with joyfulmum as to never hearing of the Rocco period either. I always get a mini history lesson when you do these art Wednesdays. :)

    At any rate, I enjoyed these paintings. I like his detail to simplicity. However, the self-portrait paiting of himself was a bit "scary" looking though.

    I hope that you are still enjoying your Holiday.


    -Lady Rose

  3. Your header picture of the farm field is beautiful!

  4. Oh I so love coming here...I feel like I have walked through an art museum with someone walking beside me teaching me...thanks so much!

  5. Very interesting, Jo. I particularly like the earthy colours he used. It lends a quietness to the subject. blessings..Trish


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