Boxing Day Holiday

Traditionally in Britain, Boxing Day (26th of December) was the day for giving cash and food to the poor, this was extended to include workers receiving gifts from their employers (I think I need to remind my employer of this tradition). I doubt there are many people today who will have a clue why they have a public holiday.

It is also known at St Stephens Day.

These days it is less about giving to the poor and more about the post-Christmas sales — where  people go crazy buying things they don’t need and can’t afford.  I have been to these sales and come home with things I don't really need and buy stuff that wasn't even on sale — and this year I will probably do the same!!!

Have an enjoying Boxing Day.


  1. JO, hope you are enjoying your shopping:)
    It's raining here and we are resting and recovering from the celebrations from yesterday!

  2. I had no idea what Boxing Day was originally for - and yes, hasn't it changed around completely - instead of being about giving, it is about getting! We WON'T be going to the sales. I read a article today about the Boxing Day sales in which there was this warning, which I found fascinating:

    "Queensland Fair Trading Minister Peter Lawlor said if you don't have the money to spend in the first place, there's nothing special about a "special".

    "Don't get caught up in the sales hype, especially in the Boxing Day sales," he said.

    "Have a plan, stick to your budget and don't spend what you can't afford because that's just a debt trap and you'll end up in 2011 paying off goods you probably didn't want - people do get caught up in the sales hype and very often buy items they don't really need."

    It's an unusual statement to read in the media!

  3. Clara - If you look at what is on sale in a shop compare to what isn't, most is not on sale. I also notice that in a rack of clothing there might be one sales item and the rest are at full price. All methods of getting people to buy what they don't need. I am also amazed at those that rush off to buy ex-Christmas items such as wrapping paper, cards and decorations. No idea why.


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