I have returned home.

My bags are unpacked, the washing is done, I have removed all the moldy vegetables and fruit from the fridge (which my DH didn't eat) and I have been shopping to buy fresh ones.  I came home to a beautifully cleaned house, DH spent Saturday morning scrubbing it from "top to bottom"!! He told me he even mopped the kitchen floor!

It is nice to be back . . . nothing compares to home . . . and it is wonderful to sleep in my own bed with my cosy pillow!! And Ruby is relieved to have me home and snuggled up to me all evening. . . purring. 

My DH missed me and thrilled to have me home after being away for 10 days.  But I knew how to make him happy, I brought back food for him . . . Chilli Jam, Hot Indian Chutney,  curry pastes, honey, several varieties of jam etc... He was so happy he made himself a curry last night using one of the pastes!!

* * *

Will I was away I took over 300 photos and have kept 290 which I will share with you in the coming weeks. However I thought I would show you these 3 today.  I took this on Friday when we visited the South Highlands of New South Wales and saw an amazing tree called a "Smoke Bush" check out the flowers - its quite magnificent.  I looked up the tree and you can get different coloured trees from purple to yellow.



  1. Hi Jo, welcome back.
    Sounds like you had a fun holiday! But isn't it always soooooo good to sleep in your own bed again ?!
    The smoke bush is simply stunning!! I love the southern highlands. Robertson and Milton are favourite spots for hubby and me. Looking forward to seeing more photos :-)

  2. Welcome back Jo!
    there's no place like home....sigh.

  3. The smoke bush is so aptly named!! I've never seen one like it before - obviously never been down there at this time of year before! I'm glad your purchases were appreciated! And yes, there is no place like home, and it's nice to be appreciated! :)
    Looking forward to seeing your other pictures!

  4. Nick has one of these trees in his front garden, and I saw one the other day and could notn remember its name!! LL S

  5. As Stephen mentioned, we have one in our front yard (not quite as grand as the one in your photo). It is quite interesting and beautiful, however, the flower heads dry and eventually fall off in large balls, around 6 inches across, and then appear everywhere, especially into the swimming pool!

  6. Jo - I love Smoke bush trees - we have them here and they are magnificent when they are in bloom! Beautiful photos!



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