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My eldest son, Tristan texted me on Saturday from a shop that sells bears.  I knew he was there as he told me he wanted to buy his fiance a teddy bear for Christmas.  He asked me what I thought of Paddington Bear.  I said I loved Paddington and thought his fiance would too.  Later that afternoon he called in to show me his purchase and he handed me the bear in the photo above and told me he had bought me Paddington Bear!!!  I was so touched.  What a very dear boy I have.  Paddington now stands proudly on a pile of small books wearing his wellington boots, duffle coat, suitcase and hat. He is no longer lost and can live a very long bear life in my house. Tristan also bought his fiance a beautiful soft cuddly bear as well. 

When bringing up children, parents are never quite sure how they will turn out.  Tristan has had his ups and downs - it has been quite the journey.  But at the age of 22 (almost 23) I am so proud of him.  He works hard, saves money for his future marriage, takes such good care of his fiance, loves his mum (!!!) and stays out of trouble. 

After handing me Paddington he thanked me for teaching him how to cook.  He said that most males his age don't have a clue and therefore eat far too much junk food.  He now lives in a shared house where he cooks dinner every night, experiments with new recipes (earlier this week he made Cornish pastries)  and loves to go grocery shopping searching for bargains and then phones me to tell me what he has found.  Only yesterday he discuss with me how to make vegetation patties for dinner as a friend was visiting who was vegetation, I must ask him how they went. 

I don't have any daughters to teach them how to become "keepers of the home", however I have always thought it was important to teach boys to cook and look after the home as one is never sure when these skills will be needed.  It is also nice to have sons that like to look through recipe books and discuss food!!

Paddington bear eating his favourite marmalade jam sandwich.  A stow-away from darkest Peru, probably would be sent home these days as an illegal immigrant!

Did you know that Paddington Bear celebrates 2 birthdays a year (just like the Queen) -  one on the 25th of June and the other on the 25th of December!!



  1. That is *such* a cute bear! I love the Paddington stories, and so do my children.
    Your son is a tribute to you, Jo, and the hard work you have put in to raising them right.

  2. Paddington Bear is SO cute! I have one in my glass cabinet. Just had to get it when I was stopping off in England in 2007.

  3. What an adorable Paddington, I love him as well. This is such a wonderful present from your son which must have been so delightful.

    I hope your days are filled with many

  4. Jo,
    This is beautiful! What wonderful joy that bear will bring you for years to come.

    How priceless it must be to hear your children thank you when they are older for the things you taught them while they were younger.

    Such great gifts for you!

  5. I'm so happy to hear that your son appreciates what a gem his mother is. :)

    And what an adorable little bear! We have Paddington here in the States, but he's nowhere near as popular here as in England and, perhaps, Australia. When Bow Tie Man and I were in London years ago, we saw him everywhere and fell absolutely in love with him. I brought home Paddington books for my best girlfriend, a teacher, and now I regret that I didn't bring back any for me!

  6. Aw that is so sweet Jo! You have good reason to be proud of your son!

  7. I have a Paddington bear - he wears a yellow rain slicker - love him! He was a favorite of my son many years ago - and is still a beloved member of our family!



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