Art Wednesday

 Lemons II

Artist: Cindy Procious (born 1965 - )
Contemporary artist

Cindy Procious is an American Realist painter, portrait artist and illustrator, living and working in Chattanooga, Tennessee. She paints still life, portraits and animals, but it is her still life paintings that I love.  Examples below are from her website, there are many other examples that I have not included that are also very beautiful. She is one talented lady.

Procious works exclusively in oil add produces still life paintings on contract for Marine Arts Gallery in Salem, Massachusetts and portraits by private commission from her studio in Signal Mountain, Tennessee (so she will do a painting for you if you are interested!!).

Pink Rose and Raspberries

 Blue Hydrabgea in Nantucket Basket
Nantucket Strawberries
Mixed Flowers in Chinese Vase
 White Peonies



  1. WOW! Those are stunning, I really like her paintings!! Kate is a really cute portrait, but I mostly like the still life paintings, particularly the first 5 you've put on this post!

  2. Clara - I thought Mixed Flowers in Chinese Vase and White Peonies were just gorgeous and would like them on my walls!! I also thought they were stunning, good to see a contempory artist painting like this.

  3. How beautiful..thanks for sharing..I will check out her website...I love Chattanooga Tennessee

  4. They are all gorgeous Jo!
    I love the blue hydrangeas very much.
    Thanks for telling us about her - I'll check out her webpage.

  5. Wow, I love her work and it's so nice to see a contemporary artist do work that I actually like:)
    I'll look her up when I want to commission her for some personal artwork:)

  6. Jo,

    Wow! The pictures of the flowers and the strawberries look so real that it's almost hard to believe that they are paintings. They look more like photographs!

    The paintings of the little girl and Emily are very lovely as well. You are right, Cindy is a very talented artist.

    -Lady Rose

  7. Those hydrangeas are gorgeous! Such a beautiful blue color!

  8. I'm loving these pictures--especially the ones towards the end of Kate and of the graffe.


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