Week 5

South Coast, New South Wales 
(we stayed in a cabin looking at this view)

 My Family
DH has finally recovered from a nasty bout of hay-fever.  I fully recovered from my headache.  

The youngest son finally got his 6 foot fish tank, we bought it second-hand and the nice man also delivered it which was wonderful as it is very difficult to transport a 6 foot tank.  Getting it into his bedroom was very tricky as the aquarium has thick glass (10mm)  and doesn't bend around corners!  We also have many baby fish in a smaller aquarium and these are fun to watch grow, which they are doing very quickly.

This week we have had extreme heat followed by high humidity (which is very unusual for us) and thunderstorms with very heavy rain.  The latter part of the week was the result of Cyclone Anthony (the first cyclone to cross the Queensland coast) becoming a rain depression - and heading south east towards us.  The rain has been great but not the humidity. 

However I mustn't complain, I still have my home - unlike some in parts of northern Queensland who experienced the terrifying Cyclone Yasi this week.

No gardening this week, far too hot and wet.  Good news with the tomatoes - turning red finally. Taste great.  The snails and slugs are loving this weather.

This week I have been reading "The Embroidery Stitch Bible" so I can learn some new stitches (and be inspired) and "Debs at War: 1939-1945 how war time changed their lives" all about the isolated and protected upper class of British girls and how they contributed to WW2 (an excellent and most interesting read). 

Almost finished my secret craft project (will be able to share soon) and made some magnets using photos that I have taken.  I printed photos onto photo paper (added a bible verse to each photo) and placed them onto adhesive sheets (like the one below) and then cut them out.  They will make great gifts.  This would be good for children's artwork - scan them into the computer, reduce their size and create magnets of their works to give to grandparents etc.

Have you ever wanted to have eggs (hardboiled) that were cube shaped so they don't roll off the plate. 
If so, now you can for $5.99 US!!!
Or does everyone in your house like to have chocolate brownies with the crusty edge - here is something for you!
(from ThinkGeek)

Have a wonderful weekend where ever you are

"This bright, new day, complete with 24 hours of opportunities, choices, and attitudes comes with a perfectly matched set of 1 440 minutes.  This unique gift, this one day, cannot be exchanged, replaced or refunded.  handle with care.  Make the most of it"
Author unknown 



  1. Two crusty edges on my brownie! Ultra yum! Not sure I want to pay that price though!
    Bets =)

  2. Sounds like you've had an interesting week. Enjoyed seeing your pics. That looks like a lovely spot for a cabin.

    Thanks for visiting me at Tea and Talk.

  3. I wish the rain depression caused by the cyclone hadn't skipped us!! On a nice note, this afternoon we got the cool change that everyone else has been enjoying, and tonight it's even cold! :) (Very thankful!!)
    Very interested in the secret craft project... Not so interested in square eggs... But like the sound of lots of crust on brownies!! :)

  4. Clara, cold enough here for a cardigan and soxs!!!!

  5. Jo I am so relieved to know that the rains have not impacted your safety and your home. You have been in my prayers these last few weeks-- such a blessing. My heart truly breaks for those who have been so very unfortunate.

    The fisting story brings back memories- none too pleasant unfortunately. When I was growing up we tried and tried to maintain a fish tank- it failed miserably- such a lot of work for naught. I do love to see them- and I envy those who can make a success of this hobby. I wish your son much luck!

    Love that brownie pan!! I got one for Christmas- love the brownie edges!! This is the neatest thing- why didn't I think of this!

    Will check out your latest read! You have great taste!!


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