Week 6

Canberra, garden walk near Lake Burley Griffin

Everyone is well.  
My youngest started year 12 this week — so far so good.  He has struggled with school over the years and many prayers have been said and once again prays that this year goes with as few dramas as possible.

Mild —temperate between 25-29C (77-84F)
Humid and overcast today - I do hope it rains.

I went looking for a dress to wear to my son's engagement party but couldn’t find anything that I liked – all the dresses I found were too casual, too short, wrong colour, too tight, just plain ugly . . .   so I finally went on-line and found what I wanted.  When buying on-line there is always the worry that it won’t sit nicely or the fabric will be horrible or I have the size completely wrong — but I am very pleased with the dress, perfect for a party on a summers evening.  Just need to find some silver sandals to go with it.  I just love the colour and it is one that really suits me. It is the type of dress that "hides" in-perfect figures!!
This isn't me - its from the website!!

Out and about
My theatre friends and I went out on Friday night for a dinner and a musical.  The women in my little group are all lovely (we are all middle aged— well I’m not quite!!) and we always have a lovely time (non of our husbands like musicals, or theatre in general!).  We went to a new restaurant and the food was just delicious.  It was quick and the service was excellent.

I have started my mum’s Mother’s Day gift, coming along nicely, just need to pick up some more embroidery thread.  Two books I ordered arrived yesterday and they are packed full of crafty ideas, in particular potholders – something I would like to try.   My dried lavender also arrived in the post (from eBay) so now I can start to make my lavender bags (next year I will dry my own).  Just don’t have enough hours in the day to do everything I want to do.

Random photos
I took these the other day after a heavy rain. They are sort of cute!
Big and little snails

Have a wonderful weekend.



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  2. The tiny snail is SO cute! Too bad snails are such pests in one's garden, because they are beautiful in their own way. What a wonderful Creator!!!



  3. I avoid killing snails these days - only if they come near my annuals, otherwise they don't seem to eat the older plants at all. They are cute in their own small way.

    We had to be careful not to crush the baby as it was so tiny in our big fingers!!

  4. It's raining over here and much cooler than yesterday which I am thankful for! Loved reading about your week and that dress looks beautiful! Yes I've had the same problem as you and have resorted to buying more dressy clothes online!

  5. that is a lovely looking dress, Jo. I also love that colour. Hope the party is great.
    Also, the snail pics are gorgeous!

  6. P.S. This is a really lovely, fresh layout. Love it!

  7. That dress is a lovely style and the blue color is very nice - great for your party. A theatre group sounds like lots of fun - I haven't gone to the theatre regularly for over twenty years.

    Both those craft books look good - I like to sew small gifts too.

    Enjoyed your random photos section.

  8. Lovely dress. I'm sure you will look beautiful in it!

    Out of curiosity, what play did you see? The theatre is always so much fun....it's one of my favorite evening activities.

  9. Val - I went to see an Australian musical called "The Sapphires" which is about 4 young Australian aboriginals sisters who wanted to sing and were sent to Vietnam during the war in the 1960’s. It wasn’t quite as they expected and they just wanted to go home – the musical is about this part of their lives. The music was great and the 4 girls playing the parts had great voices. It is based on a true story.

  10. Oh I LOVE that you are still doing these kind of posts!! That dress is stunning - will you PLEASE post a photo of you wearing it!!! Love that you are pairing it with silver sandels - perfect!!

    Still cant get used to the idea that it is HOT for you all right now. We warmed up to 40 today - woo hoo!!

    Looking forward to seeing the projects you are crafting~~

    girls nights out are always so much fun!!



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