Week 8

My week - in summary

Not many highlights this week, my youngest son went on a school excursion to the Art Gallery and thoroughly enjoyed himself.  My eldest son impressed me with his maturity and ability to negotiate a 12 month lease on the unit he is renting.  He was so pleased with himself for achieving it without anyone's help.  This is something he would never have attempted a few years ago, another sign that he is growing up. 

The weather has been glorious and I praise the Lord for providing such a mild end to summer - yes, officially summer comes to the end next Monday and them we move into Autumn, my favourite season.  It is perfect weather for sitting outside and watching the world go by - which is what I did on Wednesday afternoon.  Small moments of joy. (below: these are 2 little guys who live in my garden)

All week (in the evenings) I have been busy working on a photo album for my parents - I have gathered up and scanned all their old family photos and I have been using iPhoto (Apple product) to create an album which I will send off to be printed.  Working out the order, the text and identifying all the photos has been a long process, but thanks to Facebook I have been able to post some of the old photos and someone in the family has been able to tell me who they are.  Later in the week I will share with you some of those photos as they are so beautiful.


My home is my refuge and I am completely thankful that  my family and I are safe and secure.  The week has been one of sadness with the terrible earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand - the horror of waiting for news of loved ones must be unimaginable.  My prayers goes out to all those still waiting. 

In other parts of the world we have seen uprising and the fight for democracy - something we take for granted in the west.  The courage it must have taken those in Libya  to finally stand up and say "enough is enough" is something I can't imagine - they are willing to die to overturn a dictator.   However if they do manage to succeed and remove Gaddafi. . . what happens next. 


To all my blogging friends . . may you have a wonderful and safe weekend with your loved ones.



  1. I'm really looking forward to Autumn too - one of my favourite seasons too! :)

  2. I've been away a little while and just catching up on a bit of blog reading.
    Waiting for news is certainly very difficult. We have all felt the grief of our neighbours in NZ.
    So pleased you are having a mild Summer's end. Not so here I'm afraid we have had some "stinking" hot days but enjoying a cool break now.
    Have a great week, Jo.

  3. Love the expressions on your little green friends ;-)
    We are also having milder days here- and very welcome they are too!
    It's always nice to see those signs of maturing in our kids isn't it?! Pity it has to come so fast though :-(
    Like you Jo, I am distressed by the sorrow the Kiwi's are experiencing right now.
    I can't imagine the trauma so many are facing over there!
    Much to pray about..


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