In the kitchen: slow cooking

I have started to use my slow cooker far more regularly - it really does make the evening meal so much easier and quicker.  I usually cook the dinner overnight, place it in the fridge and reheat at dinner time.  One of my DH's favourite slow cooked meals is lamb shanks, but I am trying to increase my collection of recipes. I bought a few cook books but to be honest they haven't been very useful, however this link is very good and I have started to make some of these recipes.

On Sunday night I am making Beef and Mushroom Ragout for Monday nights meal - it was delicious.

Do you slow cook, if so what are your favourite recipes?

My mum always made her Pea and Ham soup using the Slow Cooker and it was delicious. We would come home from Sunday meeting (in winter) and the smell of lunch would be meet us at the door as we arrived!

I made mint jelly on the weekend - first time.  I used a old recipe from the 1950's, but I think it is a bit too sweet (contains a lot of sugar).   I grew mint in the garden so I might try another recipe with less sugar. 


P.S. Welcome to March - where has January and February gone?????



  1. We like doing pork roasts in the slow cooker. We add a can of cream of mushroom soup and some other spices and the flavor is amazing and the meat is very tender.

  2. Cant wait for the cooler weather so I can eat some yummy warm meals.

    Thank you for the link, will certainly have a good look at it, could always do with more recipes. I tend to use my pressure cooker more than the slow cooker, but I do use it and I dont have many recipes either.


  3. I was just thinking about my slow cooker today I guess as we are moving towards cooler weather:)
    I have cooked roasts in the slow cooker and some soups but that's about it! I should try to use it more this winter.
    I also have not found the slow cooker recipe books that useful as it takes away from the ease that slow cooking is supposed to bring to cooking!

  4. I agree - where HAS January and February gone???

    I should get my slow-cooker out more often. I don't use it for one-pot meals much (yet), I've mostly used it to just cook the meat slowly (usually silverside). Maybe I'll start experimenting with one-pot meals soon - coming up to the season of enjoying hot meals more often! :) I bought a slow-cooker recipe book last year, the recipes do look good! :)


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