Random photos

Boys being boys - very difficult to get a photo with 
them all looking normal - perhaps this is normal.
Why do boys like sticking their tongues out?!?!

This was taken at my son's engagement party on Saturday night - I didn't take many photos (Kathleen's aunt was the photographer and has promised to send me all those that she took).  The party was a delight - we all had a wonderful time. It was a very casual affair (my son nor his father like parties so it was a very understated party) with lots of chatting and nibbles. Even the music was quiet in the background (jazz), rather than the sort you have to shout over.  We all had a dance on the dance floor and most of us were very poor dancers!!  We all had left feet!! It wasn't even a late night, we were home by 10:30pm and in bed by 11:30pm.
Me taken by my DH
It was a cold evening and I wore a wrap for most of the evening.
Indoors out of the wind was much nicer.
This dress was SO comfortable and DH and sons really liked it.
Very elegant and long to the ankles.
 I did buy silver sandals but they turned out to be too dressy (will be great for more formal occasions, so not wasted) wore my black sandals instead.
This is Trixie and no she wasn't at the party!!
I bought her on Sunday for a gorgeous gift shop (we could have spent $100's of things we didn't need), Trixie is a heat pack and will keep me warm in winter. When not in use she will look so cute on the bed.
Ruby lying on her favourite blanket - it has been cold lately (dropped to 4C [39F] the other night,  which is very cold for this time of the year) and Ruby loves to snuggle up in her blanket in the evening.
This is Gaia our tan and brown Doberman.
He loves to sit in his cubby house and look out the window - however as soon as I brought out the camera he wanted to do anything but sit in his cubby house. It took quite a bit of effort to get this photo!!



  1. It sounds like you had a wonderful time at the party - understated parties are my kind of party! The blue of your dress is gorgeous!!!

    It has been quite cold lately, hasn't it? I put a pile of blankets on our beds last week, and we've all been using them - nights are bitingly cold for this time of year - I am NOT complaining - we're thoroughly enjoying this weather!! :)

    Trixie is CUTE!! :)

  2. You look so lovely in that dress, Jo!

  3. Enjoyed looking at your pictures. Your dress is great, sounds like you had a good time. God Bless - Nita

  4. Great pictures of you and the family (well, without the tongues would have been better:)

  5. Jo, thanks for posting a pic of you in the dress you bought:) You look GREAT!
    understated parties are the norm here too!
    so, when's the big day for your son?

  6. Congratulations to your son.
    You & your dress look so pretty. It's a beautiful colour.

  7. Your sons engagement party sounds like it was a lovely event. Your dress was such a pretty color and you looked great.

    I enjoyed all the pics and the one of Gaia was worth the effort - he has such expressive eyes.

  8. You look lovely. Always so nice to see pictures of you ~ in the flesh, so to speak. ☺

  9. Oh I *love* being able to put a face to the name!

    And I love the last picture of the dog, what a cutie.(o:

  10. Your dress is fabulous, Jo!
    You look very pretty in it :-)
    Sounds like a lovely night was had by all.


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