Roses are red. . .

DH came home on Saturday afternoon with these gorgeous red roses.
No reason, he said he was feeling romantic:)

"Mum, between me and the flowers - who is the prettiest"?
"Ruby, you are the prettiest of them all...."
"Mum, do you mind if I lie here for a while and just look at the roses"
"that's fine Ruby, but no touching"
"of course not . . . "
"who me"
"yes mum"
"what are you doing"
"mmmmm . . . .  just having a um, mmmm taste"
"is that ok, it's only one petal?"
"Mum, why have the roses been moved to the kitchen"
"becuase Ruby, sometimes you are naughty and play with my flowers at night when we are asleep"
"who me???"
"yes Ruby, you"
"and if you do knock the vase over, it is better in the kitchen than in the living room"
"but please be a GOOD GIRL, and leave me roses ALONE"
"yes, mum, but I think I will sit awhile and admire them"

So far, so good. . .


Playing ball
.. the one that belongs to the Dobermans ..
they won't mind.



  1. The roses are *lovely* and Ruby is ADORABLE!!! She thinks the flowers are for her. I think cats think *everything* is for them. LOL (o;

  2. Beautiful!! :) Roses are so lovely. And how sweet for him to buy them for you, just because!

  3. Too cute, Jo! I didn't realize cats loved roses, too. :)
    What a wonderful surprise from your husband!

  4. Ruby is very pretty, and the roses are beauuutiful. Cats are cute and curious I have two, and there is one of them that loves climbing on the counter too!

    Have a great week :)

  5. Your roses are beautiful and so is the mischievous Ruby. How wonderful to have a thoughtful and romantic husband.

  6. Well - first off - kudos to your hubby for being romantic!!! The roses are beautiful. That Ruby she always steals the show- love these photos!



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