Art Wednesday

Its Autumn
Autumn is a second spring where every leaf is a flower ~Albert Camus

Feeling a bit lazy this week, Art Wednesday will be very simple, paintings that reflect my favourite season - all those gorgeous colours coming alive.

When I lived in Darwin (tropical north of Australia) we didn't enjoy the traditional four seasons and the one thing I missed most was the changing colours of the leaves and walking through the park and being able to kick the piles of leaves under each tree. There is something special about Autumn.  My sons were born in the tropics and we only holidayed in summer so they didn't expereince their first Autumn until we moved to Canberra when our eldest was 11 - the introduction to the four seasons was magical - they couldn't believe their eyes - it was nothing like the pictures in the books!!

by Leonid Afremov, contemporary Israeli painter
Victorian Autumn by Thomas Kinkade
by Yahong Shen, contemporary artist, traditional Chinese style
Autumn on the Hudson by Marie Francois Regis Gignoux
  Autumn cat by Debbie Cook
Autumn leaves by John Everett Millais
Autumn by Thomas Benjamin Kennington

Autumn, the year's last, loveliest smile.
William Cullen Bryant



  1. Some beautiful works of art there! I just LOVE autumn, though we are having a very different autumn here at the moment with all this unusual rain!

  2. Not a very normal autumn here, either - the usual autumn colours have been lacking because it's not cooled off like usual - we've been having warm weather for sooo long!

    Some of those paintings are beautiful! I love autumn colours and am looking forward to the trees dropping their leaves here. :)

  3. I was looking out the window over Canberra this morning I can now see the reds, yellows and oranges and it is such a pretty sight. We are getting cold nights and cold mornings which is perfect for the leaves to change - we haven't seen warm weather for weeks now - most days are 20C and I am wearing a cardigan - it is beautiful weather but no longer warm. In fact the air has changed resulting in cool winds that we always get at the start of winter - you can always tell when winter is on its way. Funny how a few hours distances can make all the differences to the weather.

  4. Jo,

    I enjoyed your "casual" Art Wednesday.

    These paintings are quite colorful and joyful. I like the first one in particular. It's very bright - almost surreal, but magical.


  5. Oh yes - you are in the midst of a lovely autumn there aren't you! Love all the pictures - the first one is my favorite. It looks like some of the streets in Barcelona~



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