Holiday snaps: part 1

View of the stables (front)

We stayed in the cutest little "cottage" on our 3 night romantic get-away.  It took me back in time and as you look at the photos you will see why.  This was unlike any place I have ever stayed in before.

The "cottage" was once a stable and was located on a much larger estate (Southdown) built in 1857 (when the South Highlands was opened up for cattle and sheep farming). Unfortunately over the time the estate has shrunk from 335 acres of farming land down to only 6 acres of gardens (which I will share you on another occasion). There are 3 cottages to rent on the property and the owners live in the original homestead.  Due to the size of the gardens, each cottage is tucked in between the trees and hedges creating complete privacy.  Five friendly hens were the only living things to disturb us and they only wanted to say hi and get on with eating!!
Front entrance, a nice little place to sit in the sun
- a Glory Vine (in all its red glory) partly covered the walls)
The living area of the cottage
- full of antiques which was just wonderful to look at
The bedroom - the walls were covered in old family photos
The kitchen - I could just imagine a wood stove burning
and the Coolgardie safe keeping the food cold while mum made dinner for her family
One of the walls in the living area,
each wall was covered in paintings, prints and photos
The "dressing table" in the bedroom
Another little corner of the living room, there was a corner with something to look at
(perhaps not a place for little children)
A corner in the kitchen
The fireplace that made the cottage toasty warm at night
The cottage is located in the small village of Burradoo (minutes from Bowral) - which can get quite cold in winter so the fire was very welcome even in April.
The back of the stables (see the clock on the roof)

Back later with more photos



  1. wow, looks like a charming place to have a romantic getaway in :)
    it went by too fast though it seems (to me atleast) :)

  2. How adorable and cozy! Thank you for posting them. It reminds me of a cute place our family once stayed at on the beach. It had the same layout, but not all the pretty antiques. Vacations are so wonderful.

  3. joyfulmum - My DH doesn't cope well with long holidays, 3 nights away from home is about as long as he can manage. When I visit my parents I go alone so I can stay longer!

  4. Looks like a lovely place for a romantic getaway. The cottage looks so cozy with all the antiques and personal touches.

  5. I loved the pictures but, my favorite thing you said was that it was secluded and you had complete privacy...sounds magical. I would like to do something like this with my husband when some of the kids get a little older.

    Wishing you and yours a very happy Easter weekend.

    In His love,

    Mrs. Angulo

  6. Jo,

    Oh my, what a romantic place! I think that if I stayed in such a lovely place for awhile, it would be difficult for me to return home.

    The kitchen photograph was my favorite. I also like all the antique designs and pictures.

    Thanks for sharing these. :)

    -L. Rose

  7. Oh my I am in love with your little romantic vacation cottage. The photos are just beautiful! Such a special place for a get away! I can't wait to see more! Thanks for sharing these great pictures!

    Ps- definitely my kind of place!

  8. Oh, this place looks wonderful, Jo! Although - as you said, it doesn't really look like the kind of place for taking children!! It looks very relaxing and homely - so many holiday accomodations look stark!
    Looking forward to seeing more photos! :)

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