Some more interesting statistics: housework

The other day I wrote a blog about the amount of time parents spent with their children - today I have some more of those interesting statistics from the same survey, this time on work at home.
  • Most unpaid work is housework, which includes cooking, cleaning, gardening and home maintenance.
  • On average people spend 2 hours and 8 mins doing housework each day. Mexicans do the most, at more than 3 hours per day, and Koreans the least, at 1.4 hour per day. Much of this time is spent cooking. Australians spend just over 2 hours per day (Americans spend 102 mins per day). This is more time per day than we spend directly caring for our children.
  • Americans spend the least time cooking each day (30 minutes) and Turks the most in the OECD (74 minutes). Australian’s spent 49 minutes cooking per day. Most people spend around 50 minutes a day cooking. In the countries interviewed – 82% of women prepare the meals on an average day.
  • Shopping also makes up a big part of unpaid work. Most people in OECD countries spend 23 minutes a day shopping, with the French spending the most (32 minutes) and the Koreans the least (13 minutes). Australians and Americans spend about the same amount of time shopping (almost an half hour each day) .
  • The USA spend the lowest amount of time eating (1 hour 14 minutes per day), the third lowest in the OECD). But one third of Americans are obese, the highest rate in the OECD.
  • The French spend the most time eating and drinking (on average over two hours a day), nearly double the time spent by Americans and Canadians.

Unpaid work by type of work being undertaken
The stats for Australians caring for a household member is combined with a non-household member

How do you compare to these statistics?



  1. Who are the people they base these statistics on? I can't see myself measuring up with any of the figures you have shown us!
    They are quite interesting all the same!

  2. Just a sample of the population across all those countries!! Something to aim for :) or not aim for.

  3. These are always so interesting. Always interesting to see how Americans do things different from others.

  4. This is very interesting, Jo - it's amazing how being from different nationalities/cultures can make such a difference in the way we live - I suppose because of different values etc amongst different groups of people. It is sad that some people spend more time on housework than directly interacting with their children :(


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