Art Wednesday: Alfredo Rodriguez

The big apple

Artist: Alfredo Rodriguez (1954 - )
Born: Mexico (Tepic, Nayarit), now a resident of the USA

Contemporary American artist

I just love this artist, his work is so beautiful - I could look at it for hours, with all its vibrant colour and detail - not everyone will like these, they are often considered to be "commercial" aimed at making money for the artist rather than great works of art.  Some aren't masterpieces but they have a sweet innocence's that I like.  Do check out the link at the bottom as I have only provided a small group of paintings, there are many other excellent  pieces. 

Rodriguez was born in Mexico, one of nine children, he painted to supplement his families income.  A professional artist since 1968 now paints as a professional, with his art appearing in a range of books and exhibitions around the USA.  His rich and vivid colors depict scenes of the American West: Indians, mountain men, cowboys, nestled in the mountains, deserts, and Indian villages plus adorable delicate paintings of children.

Our father
 Afternoon wading
Daddy's girl
Shawntay's friend (almost looks like a photo)
The new arrival
Julie (one of those dreamy paintings)
The yellow rose
Una Flor entre las Flores
Colorado gold rush
Early morning coffee

Link to more of his wonderful art work



  1. WOW! Those are amazing!! That's my dream - to be able to paint/draw that well...

  2. Hi Jo, I hadn't heard of Alfredo Rodriguez before now, but the images you've shared here are wonderful! I love the 'Early morning coffee', having lived on a farm myself after several hours of hard yakka, it was always good to go back to the house for a hot/cold beverage. Have a great day! Cheers, Kerrie

  3. The big apple and Our Father are my favorites! Thanks for posting about yet another artist I've not heard of, Jo.

  4. These are just beautiful...I love your art post, I always leave inspired. It is just wonderful to see the gifts God has given so many...He truly is a creative God.
    Thanks so much.

  5. Jo,

    I don't think that these paintings are too commercial at all. They are simply wonderful1! The first one, with the young girl eating the apple, looks like a photograph (I sure that it was). I particularly like the paintings of the children. They are beautiful!

    -L. Rose

  6. Jo,

    You are invited to follow me at my poetry blog at:

    I hope to "see" you there.

    -L. Rose

  7. Lady Rose - will visit when I get home from work this evening.

    Thankyou for your lovely comments. These are very beautiful paintings and I am glad so many of you liked them.


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