Art Wednesday: Cats, cats and more cats

Debbie Cook

If you do not like cats, don't look at this weeks Art Wednesday.  This is all about cats, cute cats, cuddly cats, naughty cats, adorable cats. These aren't masterpieces worth millions of dollars nor are they works of art that will appear in great art galleries.  They fun, bright and will hopefully put a smile on your face.  And isn't that the purpose of art . . . to bring pleasure and enjoyment to the viewer.  To be completely honest I don't mind if you don't like these as I LOVE them all:)

Jenny Newland
Cats and quilts by Bill Bell
(this is one of my favourites!)
Jumble Sale by Linda Jane Smith
Miss Kitty by Braldt Bralds
Lowell Herrero
Marrazion Cats by Colin Birchall
Jean-Jacques Sempe
Home is where the cat is by Ruth Sanderson
These two are rather beautiful, in particular the one below.
Early risers by Jim Daly
German Ogotodnokov

I could have gone forever with cat paintings . . . but sadly I had to stop at some point.


  1. Cats are not my favourite thing, but I do like 'Early Risers' :)

  2. Hi Jo- we love kitties at our house and these photos are adorable! So quirky and fun- I love them all!

  3. This is my very favorite art Wed so far!

    Of course I love cats so that helps a lot, I'm sure.....

  4. Jo,

    Well, since I have a few cats myself, of course, I enjoyed viewing this lovely cat art.

    The picture of the big cat in the chair with the little girl on its lap was a bit "scary" for me though. I don't know why . . . the cats and quilts was one of my favorites too. I liked the colors.

    Good choice, but of course, I may be a bit biased since I'm a cat person, tee hee. :)

    -L. Rose


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