Art Wednesday: Flowers

 Flowers in an urn on a ledge by Anton Hartinger

I LOVE flowers. I love growing them, looking at them, smelling them and touch their beautiful petals.  So today I am focusing on flowers - paintings of flowers.  So here is a bouquet of flowers to you. Do you have a favourite?
The maid in her garden by Daniel Ridgeway
A Cup and a Flower by Francisco de Zurbaran, 1598-1664
Magnolia on red velvet by Martin Johnson, 1888
Artist garden in Giverny, Claude Monet (Impressionist)
The flower seller by Diego Rivera
Flower painting by 17th century Japanese artist Yokoku
Flower painting by Japanese artist Yokoku (1675-1716)
Arranging pink flowers by  De Scott Evans
Welcome to my garden by Janet Kruskamp
painting by Pino

I like flower paintings so much that I have one on my wall.  Not the best photo, it is in fact much brighter in colour that it appears in this photo.  I bought it from a local market and I can't remember the name of the young artist.  It is a very textured painting which gives it character.



  1. I love flowers too - although I'm not very good at growing them. I like some of these paintings - the more realistic ones (realism is always my choice of art!!) :)

  2. The Maid in Her Garden and Welcome to My Garden are my favourites. I can't be bothered with flowers personally because they die and you can't eat them!!! (Isn't that terrible?) Butu I enjoy other's hard work =)=)

  3. How beautiful! I like all of the flower pictures, but that first one of the floral arrangement just took my breath away.

  4. I'm with you Amy, love the vase of flowers. But I also like the woman arranging flowers.

    Bets-flowers are beautiful in the home, add colour and cheer. It doesn't matter that they die, they still bring a few days of pleasure. You should have a chat with my dad. He loves growing flowers and bringing them inside to share.

  5. Jo,

    I LOVE flowers! They are absolutely my favorite things in nature.

    I actually liked the still life photo of the pink flower that was so delicately placed on the saucer. It's s simple yet beautiful painting. I liked the other paintings as well, but this was my favorite.

    -L. Rose

    P.S. Just so you know, I received your email address. Thank you. I shall be sending you an email (hopefully) within the next few days. :)

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