The best of winter

I might be strange but I like winter and looking forward to it (in only a few more days).  I love the idea of being tucked up in my home (cave), warm and cosy, safe from the elements. People usually grumble about winter but God gave us four wonderful seasons, each beautiful in their own way . . . and even though winter can appear to be uninviting and cold, there are many things worth considering about winter.
Winter is the time for comfort,
for good food and warmth,
for the touch of a friendly hand
and for a talk beside the fire:
it is the time for home.
Edith Sitwell
All rugged up in wooly jumpers,
scarves and gloves going for a walk
Enjoying hot chocolate while reading a
good book or watching an exciting movie
Golden syrup puddings or dumplings
to eat with family on a cold night
Crisp frosty mornings which make you feel alive
and want to shout out and thank the Lord
Hiding under the warm doona away from the world
Rugged up in a blanket reading an adventure novel
while drinking that hot chocolate
Sharing a hot bowl of soup and crusty bread
with family and friends
Fluffy socks to keep the toes warm
the arrival of daffodils as winter nears its end

The colour of springtime is in the flowers, 
the colour of winter is in the imagination.
  ~Terri Guillemets

So here's to winter . . . I'm ready with my pile of books to read through hibernation!!

PS to those entering summer - enjoy:)


  1. I think there are things to enjoy and things to TRY to enjoy with each season!! ;) I do enjoy a lot of those things you mentioned - but oh, I do wish I had a wood fire crackling and emanating warmth from the corner of my loungeroom!!! :)
    One other thing I really love about winter is to go for a walk early in the morning and watch the smoke lazily drifting from chimneys and smell it in the air as the cows moo and the birds chirp their morning greetings! :)

  2. Well, I know we are meant to be thankful, but I don't really enjoy winter that much at all. I prefer NO shoes, and it is hard to do that in winter! I also prefer not to be laden down with layers and layers of clothes but to feel light and ready to fly - have more energy then!
    Hot, sunny days with blue skies - now that's my favourite!
    (just to present the opposite view)
    the contrary Bets

  3. Bets - to be honest I don't wear lots of layers, I have got use to the cold and can do without the heavy jackets (that I wore when we first arrived). I love my long socks and slippers in winter and often walk around the house in my socks.

    I have less engergy on a hot day compared to winter-which makes me feel alive. Glad though that we are all different and like different things, otherwise it would be boring.

    Clara - I don't have a fireplace and would love one, but they are a pain if you want instant heat-but look so cosy don't they. Some morning walks can bring tears to my eyes as they are SO cold!!

  4. Oh, I SO agree with you! I really love that God has given us 4, unique, and beautiful different seasons, though I have to admit that summer is my least favorite due to the heat. I actually enjoy winter too.

    Mrs. Q

  5. Oh yes, all I love about winter is right here...except comfort food - gotta eat lamb shankes and pork and stews and other delicious stodgy dishes in winter.

    Love it all.

  6. Jeanne - we had lamb shanks earlier this week and tomorrow is chicken pie. Any stew must have (according to DH) dumplings (the suet variety!!)

  7. I enjoy winter too, especially since we now live in a part of the country where the winters are much milder and it doesn't get bitterly cold.

    Enjoy your winter, we are entering summer and already experiencing summer temps!

    And I'm like you, the heat makes me wilt(o;

  8. You caught winter and I so enjoyed visiting since it is 91 degrees here. I love each season and so glad gave us different seasons, how really creative.

  9. Jo,

    It's strange that soon, you shall be enjoying winter, while on my side of the world, we are preparing for summer. :)

    I enjoyed reading your reasons for liking winter. They are good ones, however, I'm still not a big fan of winter. Autumn is my favorite season. I like the colors of the leaves, and the air is "just right," being not too cold or too hot. It's a very pretty season, indeed! :)

    -L. Rose

    P.S. I finally sent you my email. :)

  10. There are good things about each season and though winter is not my favourite I am thankful for the fact that I am not hot and sweaty:)

  11. Jo- those really are the very best things about winter- actually I like winter just fine except for having to drive in the snow. Do you get much snow where you live? I love pretty winter sweaters, knitting new scarves, hot tea(!!) and home made winter soups. Also love that winter is more relaxed and I have more free time to do stuff that I want to do.

    On the flip side ( of this world) - I am so looking forward to sitting by our pool on my days off ( after I mow the grass!).


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