DVD review: Babies

This is one adorable film 
. . . and even before I tell you anything about the film,
I am giving it FIVE STARS

Its beautiful.

Movie: Babies
Genre: Documentary
Rating: G (In Britain and Aust)

So why did I enjoy it so much.  Babies followings four babies from birth to age one: Ponijao from Namibia, Bayar from Mongolia, Mari from Tokyo, and Hattie from San Fransisco – Babies is a look at what growing up is like in different parts of the world - in fact it isn't a lot different, babies do the same things, no matter where they live.  And their mothers . . . they love their babies to bits no matter where they live, they just do things slightly different.

There is no narration, the joy is watching these 4 children tell their story.   It isn't boring, 76 minutes glued to the TV watching these children and what they might do next.   I did feel sorry for the cats in a few scenes!!

It is currently in the cinema in Australia - but available on DVD on Amazon.  I bought mine from the UK. 
Mari from Tokyo
Bayar from Mongolia
Ponijao from Namibia
Hattie from San Fransisco

Link to official trailer



  1. Jo,

    Sounds like a cute little film. The babies are absolutely adorable, but of course they would be, for all babies are adorable. :)

    What did you feel sorry for a few of the cats in this movie? Since I have cats, I would be interested to know.

    -L. Rose

  2. This sounds really interesting!! You have a knack for finding interesting books and DVDs!! :)

  3. Lady Rose - The cats survive ok, but babies can be very rough with animals and the animals in the film have a wonderful patience’s when slightly mistreated by their young owners (nothing cruel)!!.

  4. Clara/Bets: Amazon.uk and I are in the best of friends!!! It is a great place to find interesting documentaries that both my mother will enjoy and so will I!! But I also find some view movie reviews on TV or via the newspaper.

    I am a researcher by occupation!!!

  5. Oh Jo- I've never heard of this movie but I want to see it! Thank you for sharing this- I must check this out! I'm looking forward to viewing this!

  6. Ps- I LOVE your beautiful new blog header!


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