Pleasing my husband

As we approach winter there is one meal
I will make often as my DH loves it


Lamb, beef or pork.

He loves nothing better than coming home after a busy day at work and find a hot roast dinner waiting for him.  It is his most favourite meal.  I always serve it with a rich gravy and mint sauce on the peas with Brussels Sprouts (his most favourite veg)!

What is your husband's favourite winter meal?

How often do you make it?

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  1. My hubby doesn't really have a favourite meal. He says anything you cook is good! He always thanks me after a meal and says I am a good cook. Wish I shared his opinion...

    Hubby is happy and that is the main thing.

    Your roast looks lovely, and I would say that in one popular meal in our house too.


  2. Dan enjoys FOOD and has way too many favourites - which means he is happy pretty much every time I cook. :) Roasts are good though, we enjoy them too! Mmmm...

  3. My hubby would love us to eat at home every day, but I get tired, and would love to eat out, at least once every 6 months isn't too often is it? His favourite is a turkey mince dish I made up, but he loves everything, or doesn't notice what he is eating!!! =)

  4. Delicious food cooked with loving hands is my husband's favorite meal. :)

  5. My husband loves it when I make salmon patties from his mother's recipe. Unfortunately, he and I are the only members of the family who like it (and I don't really like it that much, and it's a very long, messy process to make) so we only have it on his birthday or father's day, or when he comes home from a long trip etc.....

    He usually likes anything I cook, which is handy, although he also loves a good roast dinner - pumpkin MUST be slightly burnt.

  6. My husband's favorite meal is a steak, but he also likes sopa de res, which is a soup made with beef bones and vegetables. That photo looks very appetizing.

  7. Roasts are a favoourite here but hubby's Winter fave is the same as Summer...STEAK!

  8. Mrs Santo - my DH isn't very fond of soup (I am ) so I don't make them that often in winter.

    Yes, he loves his steak!! With mushy peas:(

  9. Bets - I also love eating out and my DH isn't as fond. I occasionally go out for dinner with my theatre ladies, otherwise I wouldn't go out much at all!

  10. Hi Jo,
    I have not been here for a while, and I just want to say I think your blog header is picture perfect!! So Pretty.

    Meal: The meal you made and photographed looks like it's from a very expensive restaurant, great Job!!

    My husbands fav, is Turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, green beans, roll and dressing.

    God bless you,

  11. My husband loves any meal with meat and likes roasts a lot. (o:

  12. Oh and I wanted to say, your header is *lovely*.

  13. That roast dinner looks delicious. My hubby likes roasts too with turkey being a favorite.

    Hope you have a splendid afternoon tea on Sunday with your sons. I'll look forward to your photos.

  14. That dinner looks picture perfect! Please tell me (an Indian trying to cook Aussie food) how you get your vegies to look like that? seriously, any tips thrown my way would be greatly appreciated:)
    My dh is just like Ouback's dh, very easily please, anything I cook he likes which I don't always agree with because I'm not a great cook lol!

  15. Joyfulmum - I get crisp potatoes by doing 2 things: firstly I par cook them (eg 5 mins in the microwave) and then by sprinkling salt on the potatoes when I pop them into the oven. The salt makes them crisp. Sweet potato doesn't crsip but with go nice and brown (and sweet) with a little butter and salt. Don't add too much salt otherwise it gets too salty!

  16. Looks delicious, Jo. You should post your roast recipes sometime. I'm especially interested in the Lamb. ;)

    Have a very blessed Mother's Day.

  17. Thanks for the tip Jo, I'm going to try that out next time!


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