Recipe books and other random things

Are you like me and have piles of recipes that you have cut out of magazines or printed?  I have been building a collection for many years and most I have never used. So over the last few weekends I went through all the magazines I had, cut out those recipes that I would make, tossed out the magazines and them sorted through the pile of recipes.

Most recipes that I had been collecting also went into the bin.  What I was left with were those I would make. I bought an art book and made myself a recipe book (see below).  Nothing complicated - the front is for savory recipes and the back is for sweet.  I even managed to decorate the front page!! Being a spiral book, it will be easy to use in the kitchen when I am cooking.

For those recipes that I use from the net, I will print and place into my book.  The number of times I find a really great recipe and then forget where I found it can be so annoying, this way I will have a copy of it. 

I have been playing around with craft ideas and this is one of them.  A cute way of make little messages to give to people.  I would like to do bible texts but I still working out the best way to glue and vanish them onto the mini canvas.


Just a couple of photos of Ruby relaxing, not looking particularly ladylike with her legs all over the place. But she was very happy:)  You wouldn't believe from these photos that she is black as coal in normal light, until I take her photo then she has red bits in her fur.


May you all have a wonderful blessed weekend.
I plan to spend mine indoors as it is very cold and windy outside.

Time for lunch so I will farewell you for the moment. 
I think I will have for a toasted cheese (Eden) and mayonnaise sandwich made with homemade bread
+ a mug of Jasmine tea.


A mother's love is a blessing that blooms forever



  1. That homemade recipe book looks fantastic! I just pull recipes from magazines or copy them from the inetrnet and put them in display folders! Not so artistic!
    Good on you!

  2. Look at Ruby, she looks so comfortable.

    Love the look of your recipe book, I have been thinking of all those bits of paper I have with recipes scribbled on them, must get around to doing something similar before they do get lost. I have sorted through my recipe book collection and put the ones I use the most all together on one shelf. All the recipes from the internet I have sorted and put into coloured ringed folders, with desserts, mains etc written on.

  3. Hi Jo- your cookbook project is one that I have been dreaming of for YEARS!! Kudos to you for making time for that organization! (can I send my recipes to you to organize? Lol!!)

    Your butterfly greeting is beautiful- such a nice way to send a sentiment--

    Miss Ruby is so funny- I love her so. You can tell that she is full of personality!

  4. Your cookbook scrapbook looks great - and SO organised! I must get to doing it too, one day...

  5. Your cookbook is far nicer than mine. I just print off recipes from online, punch holes in them, and put them in a three ring binder. It's not terribly attractive, but it makes for easy purging of recipes that I try and do not like!


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