Art Wednesday: Keith Cowlam

Gulf of Cascogne

Artist: Keith Cowlam (1946-  )
Born: United Kingdom, moved to Australia in 1977
Contemporary artist: Artist and print maker

I don't know why I like these paintings - perhaps because some of the scenes look so familiar to me (places I went to as a child), or perhaps it is the contrast of the colours that attract me.  Or perhaps because these paintings capture summer, I can feel the warmth of the sun on my back and smell the summer grasses.  I don't know - but some reason I like these - even is they are very controlled and smooth.

To my dear brother Nick (if you are reading this) - do these paintings remind you of your childhood?

Pines at Montelebate
Summertown 6
 Summertown 1
Bull Creek Church
Strath Shed
Heading East
Palm Trees
Cape Borda
Pine Cluster
Plane Tree Tourtour

Other examples: link



  1. Very different style...more like an architect! xxx

  2. I actually didn't find these hard to look at =) Refreshing...
    P.S. Sarah seems like a new girl, but I have a sore throat =( Hope your back is continuing to improve...

  3. These are some very flawless paintings. This artist seems to be very precise with everything. They are interesting to look at.


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