St Marys Cathedral

When I was in Sydney on holidays my dear cousin Clara and her family took me on a day trip into the Sydney city.  We caught the train from their home (1 hour trip) and spent the whole day sightseeing.  Something I hadn't don't' since I was a teenager.  It was fabulous. The first place we visited was St Mary's Cathedral near Hyde Park (Clara knew that I love looking at buildings!).  It is Australia's largest church, though not the highest (still very impressive).  The founding stone was laid in 1868 and in 2000, with the assistance of a grant from the Government to mark the new millennium, the spires were eventually built.  The completed spires of the main front enhance the view of the cathedral along College Street and particularly the ceremonial approach from the flight of stairs in front of the cathedral. Standing at 74.6 metres (245 ft), they make St Mary’s the fourth tallest church in Australia

Side door of the church
Front or perhaps the back, sometimes it is hard to tell.
Just caught the sun popping its head over the top!
In need of care - rust!
 The view from the bathroom!!  I particularly like this shot:)
The Pope - John Paul (a bit blurred)
Personally I think it is a terrible statue - looks like the pope is in a hurry.
 I turned around to take another look at the cathedral and this is what I saw, it only lasted a few seconds before the sun disappeared again. 
Holly and Danny outside of the cathedral
In front of the fountain near the cathedral

As we couldn't take any photos inside - this is one from Google to show how magnificent it is.

More photos to come. . .



  1. Great photography! Looking forward to more!!!
    Have you done a photography course? Or the expertise is as the result of experience?

  2. No course done, just things that I like from what I have seen in other photography and art. These are views I like to see other works.

  3. Great photos, Jo!! And I like the way you've framed them too. The photo from the "powder room" is excellent!! :) You got some REALLY good shots!

  4. Oh how beautiful...thanks for sharing, the pictures are just great. Your holidays are wonderful.
    Enjoy your cool weather as we continue to have record breaking heat this summer.

  5. Jo- I love this post!! We have toured every cathedral in every city that we have ever visited. Across Europe and in Russia the cathedrals are magnificent- as is this one!! Your photos are amazing and I love all the different angles that you used! ( I have taken some pretty amazing bathroom shots myself!)

    I'll be so excited to see more--
    Clara's children are simply adorable--

  6. Jo these are wonderful photos!
    St Mary's Cathedral is a stunning place inside and out.
    I love the 'bathroom' shot through the arch - that's the kind of pic I like to get.
    The sun on the spires is so beautiful too!
    Did you go down into the crypt while you were there?
    It's full of history and very interesting!
    I look forward to seeing more of your lovely photos..

  7. Yes I have to agree you are a great photographer! That bathroom view has to be one of the best!

  8. Trish - no we didn't go down the crypt as it wasn't open to the public. I would have loved to have had a tour of the cathedral as I would have found the history very interesting.

  9. Gorgeous building. I assume, as there is a statue of the Pope outside, that it is Catholic? Or Anglican? I guess I've always assumed that most Australians are Anglican....

  10. Most Australians are heathen, Val. Amongst those that have religion or beliefs, we have a huge range of church denominations - every one that exists, I reckon! Most areas have at least one catholic church, baptist, anglican... etc. And often many different types of each denomination! Jo can probably give you some statistics :) (I'd be interested to hear them, Jo!)

  11. Clara/Val, I just happen to have these figures right next to me.

    Remember though - people who indicated a religious affiliation may not attend church or have anything to do with religion. This data is from the 2006 Australian Census.

    The number of persons who indicated an affiliation to:

    Christianity: 63.89% and of these 40% said Catholic, 29% Anglican, United Church 9.0% and Baptist 2.5%.

    Islam: 1.7%
    Hinduism: 0.7%
    Judaism: 0.45%

    11.2% did not state their religion and 19% said No religion.

  12. That's a joke, Jo! There is no way over 60% of Australians are Christian. I've known a lot of people through my life who have said they are a Christian, but they have nothing to do with God or the Bible or church... so I guess this is one area where statistics pretty much fail! :( As a nurse, we would have to document what religion a patient was, and they would often say Christian, but you could tell Christ had no part in their life.

  13. Clara - that's the point, when asked if they are Christian on the Census form, 60% said yes, but it doesn't MEAN anything - most would don't attend church or lead a Christian life or have read the Bible (or even own one). It maybe what their parents would say and they just carry on the "name" - I would say that is the case for many Catholics. There are a few other surveys on church attendance, but the sample size is quite small so not very reliable.

    The number who say "no religion" is growing - and perhaps these are the most honest group.

  14. PS the USA wouldn't be much different sadly.

  15. Jo - true, although in some areas of USA, there are a LOT more people attending church and it is much more socially acceptable. In some areas you are even looked down on if you DON'T go to church (according to what Dan has told me). Whether it means anything to these people is up for debate though.


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