Art Wednesday: Paul Lung

Artist: Paul Lung
Born: Hong Kong
Hobby: Photo-realism drawing

It is hard to believe that these are not photographs - no they aren't, rather hand drawn using a 0.5 mm technical pencil, A2 paper and some lots and lots of time . . . each piece takes around 40 to 60 hours to complete. Lung never uses an eraser.  Lung is not a full-time artist, the 39 year old is a trained graphic designer and draws in his spare time. He spends several hours every night drawing these amazing pieces of art.  His series of cat drawings uses cats that he either owns or those of friends. I am sure he stole Ruby to draw as you will see below - they look and feel just like my kitty!!

Thanks to Dan and Clara for introducing me to Paul Lung - I love "meeting" new and very talented artists.

The drawings above and below could be my baby Ruby,
that is what her fur looks like and she often sleeps in that position.

For more art by Paul Lung: link

And this is how he does his drawings - no full scale sketching.



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  2. Very very talented. I'm amazed that he can do it without a draft sketch to begin with. Incredible.

  3. Wow, so amazing. So clever! Happy to add him to my list of artists I really like.


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