B is for. . .

B is for Bread

The aroma of bread to a baker is like the perfume of a flower to a lady.
~from Secrets of a Jewish Baker by George Greenstein~

This weeks bread is "Milk Bread" (Pain au Lait) from my new cookbook "Secrets of a Jewish Baker" - this is a standard white bread, except it has 2/3 of a cup of powdered milk added with the 5 cups of white bread flour.  It is a crusty bread and toasts very well. The recipe recommends removing the bread from the tins in the last 5 mins of cooking and once cooked brush water over the crust whilst still hot. 

DH thought he would "model" the bread for you all!!

B is for Brownies

My son asked me to make him some brownies - his favourite dessert.  I found three fabulous recipes - this is one of them.  It is called the Ultimate Chocolate Brownies with Raspberries (link). I made one change to the recipe - I melted 2 blocks of dark (80%) chocolate with the butter in place of the 1.5 cups of chocolate chips (I only put in a handful of chips, but I won't bother next time).  It is RICH and FULL of CALORIES and as the recipe says, makes 50 slices! 
Don't worry, I will be taking some to work on Friday - my son will not be eating all 50 slices.

PS the recipe contains 3 cups of sugar, I added 2.5 cups, it doesn't appear to have made any differences.

B is for Books

Birthday money is always most welcome and thanks to some I was able to buy the bread book mentioned above and this one (link) below.  I have been watching Jamie Oliver's 30 min meals on TV and liked quite a few of his recipes, so I thought the cookbook would be a very nice treat.

I have just finished reading "His Brain, Her Brain" by Walt and Barb Larimore which was lent to me.  Unlike the general run of the meal "marriage" books - this one has a strong Christian perspective - even the science is Christian focused (it doesn't get to bogged down in the workings of the brain - but still very informative). Though I already knew what makes men and women different, this book was still worth the read.
One tip I did get from this book (not the only one) - wives are their husbands cheerleaders.  Husbands love their wives to notice what they do (no matter how small) and get very disappointed if you don't lavish praise on them. We need to cheer our husbands on as this gives them encouragement and strength.  Only last week my DH was so excited from attending a meeting, but I didn't get as excited and he was disappointed at my lack of excitement.


B is for Beautiful

 Each night as I write my blog, my gorgeous beautiful kitty lies next to me on top of the filing cabinet on her brown cushion - the other night I took a photo of her to share with you.  Life is good:)

Be Joyful

Rejoice evermore. Pray without ceasing. In every thing give thanks.

1 Thessalonians 5:16-18



  1. That brain book IS very interesting, isn't it? My hubby keeps reminding me of bits of it all the time, not sure if it has made much impact though =)
    Brownie sounds yum, too lazy to make it though! Besides, I'm still enjoying that chocolate you gave me! Onto the peppermint one now - very scrummy!

  2. Love the picture of your hubby modelling the bread:)
    Happy birthday for tomorrow, I pray you have a blessed day!

  3. Bets - after making the brownies I had chocolate everywhere!! The book is very interesting, perhaps all new married couples should read something like this!!

    Rosemary - thankyou so much for the birthday cheers:)

  4. Fun post, Jo, with all your "B" headings! :) The bread looks lovely - is it a light bread, or a heavier one? Trying out bread recipes is SO much fun! :)
    The brownies look yummy, too!

  5. ONE word - YUM!!! To the bread and brownies! Happy birthday to you Jo!What will you be doing? xx

  6. Clara, the bread is light but not as fluffy as some white breads. It toasts quite quickly, unlike the heavier breads. Some milk breaded use milk, this one uses powdered milk, not sure if it makes any differences.

  7. Sarah, no plans for my birthday. To work as normal, I'm thinking of crispy chicken wraps for dinner and perhaps on of those brownies with cream!

  8. Happy Birthday dear Jo !!
    Your bread looks fabulous!
    The brownies sound pretty deadly - but delicious lol!!
    We really liked Jamie Oliver's 30 minute meal TV show so I imagine the book is great too!
    Hope you have a very happy and blessed day tomorrow..Trish

  9. Hello Jo!

    I really enjoyed reading your "B" post. It was very creative and fun to read.

    Your husband looks like he's quite happy to be modeling with one of your precious bread loaves, ha, ha! :) Those brownies look delicious! I'm not sure if I want to make those. I think just looking at them, I gained 5 pounds, ha!

    The books sound interesting as well. I try my best to be my husband's "cheerleader," but sometimes, my excitement wanes, and this is not a good thing.


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