Craft tools

For those of you who do"crafty" activities . . .  
what is your favourite craft tool?

When I was making cards the other night I was thinking about this question. And I decided that the most useful tool in my collection isn't scissors or rulers, glue or pens



ear bud

why you must be asking.

I buy a large box from the supermarket and use them often when making cards.  The buds are useful when applying glue or silicone or when cleaning up if I apply too much.  They have come the rescue of a mess many times. They are cheap (unlike many craft tools) and can be thrown away after use. 

And if you like to created raised pictures or paper tole and don't want to fiddle around with those little form squares - use this instead - roof and gutter transparent silicone.  Much cheaper than the craft silicone you can buy and works just as well. It doesn't smell, it is transparent and dries quickly. I buy mine from the local hardware store for around $7.00 (USA/Aus)


  1. I don't use cotton buds much - I like to use toothpicks for pretty much the same purposes!!

    I haven't bought any of that silicone yet - does sound awfully handy though!

  2. Double sided tape was an amazing discovery to me! So much neater than rolling up bits of tape!

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  4. Bets - very thin double sided tape is the best thing for adding ribbon to cards - no more mess with glue. It also stiffens the ribbon making it easier to place.

    Clara - I sometimes use a kerbab stick as it is bigger than a tooth pick when I want to add a small amount of glue or silicone in paper tole. That silicone is so handy - no staining the papern limited smell and works likes a dream!!

  5. Great suggestions. Simpler is often better.
    I really like my paper trimmer, it is more expensive than cotton buds but I've used it for ages and it means I can cut things straight!

  6. The Q-tips are a great idea, Jo!


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