Happy Weekend

Its been a busy week for me - good, but busy.  We have also had lots of rain, therefore it has been grey, cold, windy and soggy.   But the garden has loved every minute of it.  How has your week been?  Sending hugs and prayers to anyone who has not had a good week or has been feeling a bit down laterly.

As for my weekend - I'm to Costco on Saturday morning with a friend and the rest of the weekend I plan to do leisurely activities like card making (using some of the embellishments I bought at the craft fair), reading, bread-making (my new bread cookbooks have arrived from Amazon.USA so I have plenty of new recipes to try) and perhaps make some brownies (I found 3 decadent recipes my son would like me to make and he is eager to test) and perhaps watch a movie or two.  The weekend will be one of enjoyment. 

I might even squeeze in an afternoon sleep with classical music. 

What do you have planned?

The Otter and the Dog: this is really cute - I love it when 2 different types of animals become friends.



  1. WHat a lovely weekend you have planned out! Besides overcoming the flu in our house our week has been busy and full with homeschooling. I am really looking forward to the weekend. Saturdays I don't plan anything just go with the flow and I love it! ENjoy yours Jo! xxx

  2. Just popped in quickly to wish you a happy weekend too! haven't had a lot of time to read your blog this week but look forward to catching up soon when I have a few spare moments.
    We have a busy weekend ahead as our church is celebrating it's tenth anniversary, have guests coming in from overseas etc...but it's going to be fun!

  3. Pretty much the same here, Jo, busy but good. Love the clip. The otter has a bit of an advantage over the doggy where the fence is concerned! My cat and dog used to play, rough and tumble like that, and fascinated a lot of people.
    "grey, cold, windy and soggy" this is a bit alarming as my older son is heading down on a school trip this week. After reading here and at Mum-me's blog I am wondering whether he has packed enough clothes?!

  4. Ruby, next week is meant to be much warmer (19C by Friday - almost a heatwave) and drier. I think we are expecting some rain over the weekend but not much during next week. This week the wind has been very cold and cutting. I went outside for a walk on Thursday and my hands were icy cold by the time i got to my destination.

  5. Thanks Jo. That sounds very pleasant. I hope it is for the students' sake as they have a packed week down there.

  6. Your weekend sounds lovely. New cookbooks are always fun. I got a couple of new ones last weekend and I'm excited to try some of the recipes. As for this weekend, I'm meeting a friend at our local coffee/book shop tomorrow morning. Then back home for a relaxing day. Sunday will be filled with church activities. Overall I think it will be a low key weekend which is just fine with me!

  7. Your weekend sounds great! :) We have a very quiet weekend planned (for once) - this is enforced quietness because we've all got a head cold right now! So we're just kinda relaxing. If I feel up to it, I might do a bit of sewing...


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