Cute cats!!

A bit of self indulgent, why not, it is my blog!! I thought I would end the week with some cute cat photos - so look away if you don' t have the same love of cats as I do.
Wherever I am you will find Ruby - on Saturday I was cleaning the bathroom floor - this is Ruby "helping".  She was looking of a small ball I had accidentally flicked across the floor with the mop.
No success - she wasn't able to reach the ball as was under the trolley.  She finally got it when I moved to clean the floor!
Time to relax after helping in the bathroom! Lying on the bathmats.

Watching the peas cook - she is balancing on a very tiny space, so far she has never fallen off! She loves it when I cook peas as I always give her one frozen pea which she chases around the kitchen. On day when I clean under the fridge I will find a whole bunch of peas!!

Charlie does two things very well - catch mice and sleep!
While we are at work - this is all our cats seem to do
- lie around on the bed.
What a life!!


Sorry to non-cat lovers.
Have a lovey weekend.



  1. What a boring world it would be if we all enjoyed the same things, Jo! Enjoy your cats, and I'll enjoy whatever it is that I like and you don't!!!! :)
    Have a lovely cold, wet weekend! :)

  2. Quite true Clara - what a dull world it would be.

    Our weekend will be cold with isolated showers so unlikely to be wet. I have a few indoor projects this weekend so won't mind the cold at all.

    Enjoy yours:)

  3. How adorable! I love it when my cats "help" me around the house - or at least chase the mop. :)

  4. We are a dog family but PM (pre marriage) I owned one of each. I rather miss the antics of a lovely cat with real character! Like your Ruby. Her tail is fascinating in the top pic! Lovely name, too. I think I have commented on that before :-)
    Have a good weekend. Fine and mild here. Should be perfect for my grandson's birthday.

  5. Good on you for loving your cats, our Cat Minkala Gypsy (minky), was rescued from the animal shelter and we love her antics, I am sure she tries to escape form all the loving she gets, especially from the younger children, the tiles in your bathroom look like the ones we have purchased for our new bathroom renovation, do you find them serviceable??

  6. Hi Nell, thanks for dropping by. The tiles do show the dirt and dust (as you can see in the photos) but are easy to keep clean. But don't most tiles show up the dirt:)

  7. They are so adorable - you know - we love our kitties here too - they keep us on our toes - and make us laugh every day. Yours are probably as spoiled as ours! Love the cute photos!



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