Why am I indoors?

Dear blog readers, 

There will no blog today (Monday) as on Sunday (when I was writing this) it was simply too gorgeous outdoors to be sitting at my computer.  Being indoors seems such a waste . . . so I am off to sit in the sun and absorb my vitamin D and read a book + drink a mug of Jasmine tea and eat a ham sandwich (on Spelt bread).  If the weather is perfect where you, please do the same.  The dusting can wait, the bits on the floor will still be there to vacuum and the dishes aren't going anywhere. There is very little that can't spare a few moments so you too can sit outside and listen to the birds and soak up Gods wonderful weather. Spending a few minutes or hours outside in the warmth and sunshine is good for your health and will make you happy

Happy Week to you all.

Love Jo xxx

P.S. just looking at these flowers makes me feel joyful:) I pray that I have passed on some of that joy and happiness to you, wherever you and whatever you are doing.



  1. so agree Jo was outside doing my gardening today as spring has sprung here!! Shaz in Oz.x

  2. Some days are just MADE for being outside, aren't they? It's night here now, so I don't feel guilty for being online! We did spend time outdoors today though - as we do most beautiful days! Must make the most of the beautiful spring days before the heat hits!! :)

    And yes - sunny spring days make me happy, too! :)

  3. I love to be outdoors and wish there weren't so many indoor chores to do! If there weren't, the children and I would probably be outside all day!

  4. We are having fresh cool air here and have been outside as well. It's just too nice to stay inside! Enjoy your moments in nature. Have a lovely day!

  5. Thank you Emily Fay and nice to meet you. As I write it is now dark and a thunderstorm is approaching so it won't be as warm today as in previous days.

  6. Jasmine tea with a ham sandwich is just perfect...especially if you added a slice of tomato and a crunchy dill pickle! Isn't God good to give us seasons? Makes us more thankful, more joyful.

  7. The mild spring weather is indeed very inviting, thanks for your post a timely reminder to go outdoors before it becomes too hot to enjoy it..


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