Art Wednesday: Mothers and babies

Woman and baby by Edward Lamson Henry

Yesterday my dear cousin gave birth to a baby boy . . . so I thought today's paintings should celebrate this wonderful news . . . so, its all about babies and to welcome . . . one very special baby named David.  A precious gift from God -  Lo, children are an heritage of the LORD: and the fruit of the womb is his reward. Psalm 127:3

Young mother feeding her baby by Levy Emile
Mother lacing her bodice beside the cradle by Pieter de Hooch
Artist unknown
Mother and child in the boat by Edmund Tarbell
 Sleeping baby by Mary Cassatt

Painting by Donald Zolan
The cradle by Berthe Morisot
The artist is Carl Lasson and this is his wife and daughter
Gravesend Bay by William Merritt Chase
 Elizabethan Sisters and their babies, circa 1599
(I find this one a little amusing!!)
Summer by Ivana Kobilka (1861-1926)
This is one of my favourites - does it sum up what being mother is all about. 



  1. How beautiful! I especially love 'The Cradle', as it looks exactly like mine that I used for both my children! xxx

  2. The Elizabethan sisters look very rigid, don't they. After reading books from that era and the way they swaddled the babies so tight, they may well have been as stiff as that!

  3. First congratulations to all.

    These are just beautiful...what a wonderful way to end my day, just viewing each of these...thanks as always

  4. Pictures of mothers with children are always so lovely but then again we are biased aren't we?:)

  5. I love that Donald Zoland one - there is something beautiful about siblings that love each other and get along together, no matter how young they are!
    I also like that last one - it's sweet! :)

  6. Chuckle - The Elizabethan Sisters is priceless!

  7. Children are truly such a blessing

  8. Hi Angel - they certainly are and don't the faces of these mothers say just that:)


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