Art Wednesday: Nathan Sawaya

Anything can be used to create pieces of art - including LEGO. Today I thought I would look at some amazing works of LEGO art and I hope I inspire all of you to go grab your Lego and have a go!

Artist: Nathan Sawaya
New York based Lego artist

Nathan Sawaya who gave up his 6 figure day job to follow his childhood passion to create Lego sculpture. To make these sculptures, Sawaya owns more than 1.5 million coloured Lego bricks - many of the bricks are recycled from people who no longer want their Lego. Some sculpture are life size and require 1,000's of pieces and take weeks to produce.

A full-time freelance artist, Sawaya accepts commissions from individuals, corporations, and ... well just about anyone with a good idea! He's also available to design and build custom creations at events, photo shoots and conventions.

Personally, I am not sure if this is art . . you decide.

All the furniture is made from Lego

For more examples of Nathan Sawaya work: link



  1. What a great post! Danny's eyes were like saucers when he saw these photos!! (Thank you for posting this!) :) That takes a lot of talent, and I do think it is a kind of art. I especially like that cello and the old cash register.

  2. I will never look at lego the same again.. unfortunately it is now so expensive to buy. I am always on the look out at op shops trying to find pre-loved lego but I haven't come across any lately..
    Yay for creating art out of simple found things we may have around the house.. thanks for this post, I will be sharing it with my children.

  3. Wow! and Woah! and Cool! and Neato! The kids loved this post. I did too. I liked the yellow man at top the best. I agree with Nell, legos are so expensive. We don't have any. But the children do enjoy working with them. A friend with nine nearly grown children, (seven sons) said she couldn't have "survived" without legos. The boys would spend hours building with them.

  4. Nell/Mrs Santos - this guy buys up second hand Lego, perhaps that's why its hard to find!

    I have a garbage bin full of Lego from when my sons were small - I have kept it for any future grandchildren as it is expensive and it won't deteriorate safely shut away in the bin. The yellow man in the first picture was my favourite also.

    Glad you have enjoyed this post:)

  5. word that is art! xxx

  6. Hey, all these ladies have stolen the superlatives! Yep, all those things........Amazing!


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