Buying calendars

(Oops - this post wasn't meant to go up today . . . but I will leave it there never-the-less!!)
Buying calendars for my house takes a lot of time and effort.  I need to buy one for kitchen fridge, one for the study, one for the toilet and one for work.  I never buy random calendars, a lot of thought goes into each one. The one in the study is always arty, whilst the one at work is always pretty (often cute cats or cuddly bears!!), the fridge calendar is used to record activities so need to be practical but feminine and the one in the toilet (hangs on the door) needs to be interesting (something to read!!).

So far I have bought my study calendar.  This year I have enjoyed the folk art of Linda Nelson (below),  each painting is full of so much detail and I can spend the whole month finding new things in each work. I think I might frame some of these next year. 
In 2012, I am looking forward to enjoying the artwork of Daniel Pollera in his seaside calendar. I can't wait to look at some of these - they are so lovely (almost photographic) and I can almost smell the sea air.  These will be great to look in the middle of winter!
As to the other calendars, I have to wait until the "Calendar shop" appears in our local mall - then I will spend hours trying to find the right calendar. I might be considered a little self-obsessed (!!), but if I buy the wrong one I will have to put up with it for 12 months and that can be very frustrating - the one I have in the toilet this year I don't like at all and can't wait until I replace!!! 

What do you do when it comes to buying calendars?
Are you fussing?


  1. I never really have the pleasure of having to hunt for a good calendar - I buy a Christian one with verses on it for our bedroom each year, and then family and friends seem to send us so many calendars that it can be hard to find a spot to put them!!!

  2. Clara - I never get given calendars, which in a way I am very happy with as it allows me to fine that special one I really like.

  3. And oops - this entry wasn't meant to be there today!!! I forgot what date I had set. So today there are 2 posts:)

  4. lol--I usually just use the ones I can get for free! But we do keep several in the house. I love to have one in the kitchen with scriptures though.


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