Garden update

Aren't these pretty, I'm not usually a fan of cypress but these are really nice.  The pale green is a Lemon Cypress and when you run your hand along it, its beautiful lemon scent is released. The dark green is a Juniper Cypress. They should both grow 2 metres in the pots and create a screen by the front door. And being near the door, I hoping that the lemon scent will whiff into the house!
My DH bought me 4 solar lights for the garden - this is one of them.  Wasn't that really sweet of him.
 Apple blossom
I have a little secret spot in my garden for quiet reflection - its one of Charlie's (cat) favourite spots in summer as it remains cool and shady during the hottest part of the day.  Over winter it had become overgrown, finally last weekend I was able to clean it all out and now it is ready for summer.
All my daisies are in flower and looking very happy. This year I have far more white than the dark pink, not sure why.
I've been working on a new area in the garden - its right at the very front of the block, near the road.  The soil is very poor and it is a hot dry spot - so only tough plants will grow at this stage. Therefore I have planted some more of those daisies (they seem to grow anywhere), lavender (likes hot and dry) and agapanthus (that I have grown from seed).  Next week when my local nursery has their sale I will pick up a few more things to add. At the moment the space is about 2 metres x 1 metre, but this will increase as I prune back and clean up the area.
This would have to be one of my favourite plants in the garden - the Banksia Rose.  It looks so beautiful and flowers in abundances.  For such a delicate flower, the plant is tough and requires no care at all.  I don't even bother to water it all summer. And I can't remember when I last fertilized it!!! It really is the perfect plant!

To other bits and pieces:
  • Strawberries were planted on Saturday - I will plant a few more next weekend.
  • In the seedling trays I have planted zucchini, pumpkin and cucumber seeds.
  • DH has put up the stakes for the snow peas that are growing quickly.
  • And the sunflowers that I grew from seeds are now 10 cms high and have been planted in the garden.
  • Everything has been fertilized and those flowering have received a dose of potash (potassium) as per instructions from my dad.
And I have no pretty nails anymore thanks to all this gardening!!

Happy gardening


  1. Flower colours sometimes reflect the acidity/alkalinity of the soil, maybe this is why you have more white than pink? Don't know more than that, sorry, you would have to research to see if it would affect the ones you referred to...
    Such a lovely garden!

  2. What beautiful garden and would you believe my dd is right now listening to "how many flowers grow in an English country garden" by the wiggles, what a coincidence! Btw I only recently found out about those banksia roses and absolutely fell in love with them, they are just beautiful !

  3. Beautiful garden! I am so jealous. We just planted our first ever vegetable garden. It was great because our little kids helped! I love lavendar and have loads of it, because I can't seem to kill it (since I have a brown thumb). I may have to try some banskia roses.

  4. Your garden is very beautiful. I remember you showing a picture of your "secret place" within your garden several months ago. It looks like a very relaxing place.

    I like your yellow flowers as well. They are very pretty, and quite unique in my opinion.

    Oh, and don't worry about your not-so-pretty nails. They will grow back, eventually. :)

  5. I don't know why, but white flower colours seem to dominate. I had a whole range of colours of violas growing and over the past months, they have slowly all turned the same colours! maybe it does have something to do with the soil - the pH or some element...

    The Banksia Rose is beautiful! I've never heard of it before, I but I might have to look into it. Do they come in different colours?

    Is that apple blossom on your apple tree right now? Isn't it a little early for apple blossoms? My apple trees are still struggling to produce leaves, let alone blossoms!!

    What is the potash for? Does it help the flowers grow better, or does it help the plant produce a higher quantity of flowers/fruit? Is it only for flowers, or for fruit/veg as well?? how much do you give them? Hehe - you can email me the answers if you prefer!! :)

    Love seeing the progress in your garden!!

  6. Your garden is just lovely. I love spring!! I took some pics of my garden last week, but our decrepit computer won't let me upload them. Meh.

  7. I like your garden very much, Jo.
    It's lovely - especially your space for reflection.
    The banksia rose photo is beautiful!
    Ours is a creamy white colour and sprawls over the fence and arbor.
    I love it's delicate perfume - it's definitely one of my favourite plants!
    And blue agapanthus too.
    This is a great time of the year for getting stuck into our gardens and pottering around, isn't it?!
    Have a lovely day...Trish

  8. I've been offline for a while but it is so nice to catch up with your blog. I'll have to look up that beautiful rose and see if it would grow here in the Pac NW. I love low maintenance flowers!

  9. Lily-Rose Cottage: I have blue agapanthus but won't see any flowers for a few months yet. They look lovely and last for such a long time in my garden.

    I am thinking about getting another banksia rose, maybe I should look out for the paler colour.


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