How to make homemade condensed milk

I was blog visiting the other day and stumbled across the recipe for CONDENSED MILK.  I never knew you could even make it so I just had to give it a try.  It was SO EASY.  Here is the recipe and yes, it tastes like the real thing. 

1 cup of powdered milk
1/3 cup water
2/3 cup white sugar (I used caster sugar)
3 tablespoons soft butter
Put all the ingredients in a small processor and whizz until the sugar is dissolved.   I didn't use the processor, I made mine in the stand mixer and I think it was a lot quicker and easier.

The condensed milk was very tasty but I really couldn't sit there and eat it all!!  Not at all healthy - so instead I made chocolate coconut balls which of course is even less healthy.  They will be very nice with a cup of tea for supper (occasionally).



  1. I adore condensed milk & on occasions use a lot of it for vrious things. I'll use this recipe. Thank you!

  2. Great! thanks for sharing. I didn't know it was possible.

  3. Ganeida - I love eating it out of the tin and when using it for cooking I always leave enough for me to enjoy!!

  4. Wow! That is so simple! Thanks for sharing. :)

  5. I'm with you and Ganeida, I just LOVE condensed milk too:) In fact I had to hope on over to your blog first as the title caught my attention straightaway from my blog list:) these days I have to limit my intake though as I've become lactose intolerant:( but I still indulge from time to time!

  6. You eat it out of the tin - tsk tsk!!
    So do I ;-D
    Delicious But very naughty!
    Thanks for the recipe, Jo.

  7. What a clever idea that is! Shaz in oz.x
    PS(pity, tis off limits to me at present.. mm maybe for Christmas)..

  8. Oh thanks...I had no clue how to do it or even thought about it...that is great.

  9. I had to smile when I read this. I didn't know how to (or if you could) make condensed milk at home. I often find myself grinning when one of my youth group girls will ask if it's possible to make something they only know as a box food from scratch instead. Last week it was pudding. I suppose this means that I will have to make some for them and prove it to them soon!

  10. I didn't know you could make it either.. although I'm not sure why - I guess I never thought about it! I think we can probably make just about anything from scratch if we can find or make up a recipe! I shall have to give this a go - sounds nice and easy!!
    And I LOVE those chocolate coconut balls (are they the ones with weetbix in them, or just something similar?). :)

  11. Clara - and it tastes really good too!!

    Yes, the chocolate coconut balls are just condensed milk, weetbix, coco powder and coconut. You can do them with ground up bisucits but I prefer the weetbix. I keep mine in the freezer and interestenly they don't freeze solid so I can take one out for supper and they are just firm but don't break my teeth.

  12. Thanks for letting us know what is in the chocolate coconut balls.
    My men will love them!

  13. Trish - I used this recipe but instead of milk arrowroot biscuits I used crushed weetbix. You can also add crushed nuts, sultanas etc.. Yes, they are very yummy.


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