A little something: Giveaway

A friend of mine is having a birthday soon and I wanted to make her something special and thanks to my new (secondhand) craft book, I found a pattern to make a "tissue holder" - the sort you carry in your handbag.  To my surprise (as I am not a great sewer) the first one I made (pink) turned out really nicely.  So I thought I would make some more. Four in total.

Now that I have made these I thought I would like to give away two tissue holders (with tissues!!) to two special people.

Yes - I want to find two people who would like to have a tissue holder for their handbag (or perhaps to give to someone else) - so if you are interested, please let me know.  I have numbered each of the 4 so you can tell me which one you would like. I do hope you like them. 

1. The holder fit these little packets of tissues (I'm not promoting Kleenex in particular, all I had in the house!) - I have found they hold 7 tissues once removed from the plastic.

2. This one is my favourite as I love the lace (I am a girly girl!!).
Inside of the holder I have used a pale pink fabric.

3. This one has bright watermelon fabric inside with a more delicate flower pattern on the outside.

4. I thought this was a very summery tissue holder with all the strawberries.

You have until Sunday 9th (Aus time - Sat 8th USA time) to let me know. 
This is a little gift to my wonderful bloggy friends who have been so kind to me on my blogging journey.  If you don't want one, but would just like to leave a comment - please do:)

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  1. Those are SO beautiful, Jo! I particularly like #2. My mother always liked having pretty things like this - these remind me of her! :)

  2. Hi Jo~ Well Done! We would like one (actually it would be for Naomi) She likes number 4, with the strawberries.

  3. Your tissue holders are adorable! They are all too cute! I don't know which one I would like, but please count me in for the give-away! :)

  4. They all turned out so nicely, Jo.
    It would too hard to choose one as they are all very pretty!
    You are very kind to give them away :-)
    God bless you..Trish

  5. Yep, count me in :-) If I win feel free to choose any for me but I do like your favourite girlie one as well.

  6. Very cute! I would love to win one, preferably the one with the strawberries, as I carry a red purse! Thank you for the offer!

  7. oh, you are so clever Jo! they all look SO pretty! but if I were to pick I'd go for number 2 or number 3 :)

  8. Hi there Joluise - love all of these but like a girl girl too like you, so like it best, or the strawbs are really lovely too, Joluise.
    And want to say how much I love your blog - and also love the pickies at the top it is all so bright and cheery it reminds me of pickies of her garden at top of my friend Jobear's blog - she is an Aussie Christian too and if you dont know it will post link here - she only does cards though. love Shaz in oz.x

  9. They look so beautiful - all of them. I don't know that I would use them for tissues though, being a hankie girl! But they are SO nice! Very clever girl!
    P.S. #4 is my fav I think =)

  10. Hi Jo--
    I love them all and they will make the most perfect gifts.. As much as I would love to enter- don't put my name in-- no way would I have you mail that all the way from "down under"!! I think they are a totally precious idea-- love all the fabrics.



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