Fairy lights

I was doing some re-arranging (something I do quite a bit) and didn't know what I should do with some fairy lights (that run off a battery).  Then DH and I had a "bright" idea - put them in the hallway.   I think they look really nice and brighten up the space at night. Who says fairy lights are just for Christmas!

The lights are wrapped around a gecko (made from metal) that hangs on the wall.  If you have a spot in your house for something like this, this is the time of year to buy fairy lights as they are always available at Christmas.

I now need to work on the little hall table as it needs to be "jazzed" up a bit - looking a bit sad.

Whenever I watch Nigella Lawson on TV (cooking show) I always admire her fairy lights in the kitchen, I think they add that something "extra", but probably get in the way and how does she keep them clean!!

And what about these fairy lights that look like roses - I would love these in my bedroom. They come in three different colours, pink would be perfect!! (link) But a bit on the pricy side and are located in Britain :(

I really like this idea - fairy lights around a mirror, it gives such a warm and cosy feel.  (link)

I hope these have "brighten" your day as much as they did mine.

Have a wonderful weekend, mine will be filled with garden as we are expecting beautiful spring weather.



  1. I love your fairy lights my daughter bought some more last week to hang in our garden as she had invited some friends over to stay. My other daughters had a rope of lights hanging in there bedroom for several months last year. Lights bring us joy. May have something to do with the fact that our saviour is the light of the world and in him there is no shadow of turning.
    blessings to you.

  2. How fun...I have never thought of putting little lights up except for Christmas...but there is something magical about them...fun!

  3. I love fairy lights but am too lazy to want to clean all the time. So I will just admire yours, ☺

  4. oh what a clever idea! yes they did brighten my day:)

  5. I've only ever used these for Christmas, but what a fun idea. They do look cheerful!

  6. Dan has talked about using some of them to provide "ambient" lighting in our house, but we've never gotten around to it yet. They look very pretty in your hallway! :)

  7. I like what you did with your lights, and those others are very pretty too, though yes I'm sure in the kitchen would be a pain to clean!

  8. Hi Jo--
    I love fairy lights- I am the Queen of fairy lights-- I have them all over my house. I work them in with my flower arrangements and my table displays-- I'm totally addicted! Your geicko looks very happy with all the lights- love that "bright" idea!!

  9. Those roses are gorgeous!
    I'd love them too, Jo!
    Your gecko looks terrific framed by the fairy lights.
    Hallways can be hard to illuminate nicely and I think you've done a great job with yours.


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