A few random photos

Here are a few random photos from around my house and garden.


And a happy weekend to you all . . . my weekend will be wet, this is perfect as I have some indoor jobs I really want to get into and wet weather will motivate me.  I plan to re-arrange my "storage" cupboard in the kitchen so things are easier to find! I also would like to finish a photo book ready for Christmas.

What are your plans for the weekend?

A tiny spider on the capsicum plant.  Click to enlarge and check out the hairs on his legs.

A baby snail sitting on the duck in the bird bath.

A Ladybird. I don't see many of these anymore.
Strawberry flowers . . . I haven't seen this colour before, isn't it so delicate?  I picked my 1st strawberry the other day and it tasted so sweet.
Sunset from our front porch.
Ruby resting in the sink . . . why?  Who knows!
"Isn't this normal"?



  1. Beautiful photos!
    Maybe we have all your ladybugs here - we have an abundance of them - they like our roses, potato plant, and sunflowers especially! :)

  2. Gorgeous! Love Ruby in the sink, very cute! :)

  3. Beautiful photos Jo! and yes those legs on that spider are amazing!

  4. Great pics. Your bathroom is the perfect colour to compliment Ruby!

  5. Jo- I've so enjoyed your random garden photos- and that beautiful sunset! The photos of sweet Ruby are so funny/ she rules the house doesn't she!! I think she is such a pretty girl!


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