Mango chutney

Mangos are in season.  I don't like mangos at all. So whether they are in season or not usually doesn't concern me. However my husband loves mangos, in particular a hot and spicy mango chutney.  So I decided to make a chutney, one of those special things a wife does for her husband. I researched the many different recipes and found one called "Spicy Mango Chutney (link). I am rather please with the outcome, however I would modify the recipe slightly next time . . . not include the apple and would include the ginger that the recipe forgets to mention in the list of ingredients, but mentions later!!

Four chopped mangos, very juicy.
All the ingredients, minus the grated ginger which I would include next time. I like to cut everything up before I start, it makes cooking so much easier and I feel like one of those chefs on TV!! And it does like quite artistic.

Bubbling away - I just love that rich colour.
The finished product.

In a few weeks it will be ready to eat, however I have some in a small bowl in the fridge and for someone who doesn't like the taste of mango, this chutney tastes really nice.

PS since I made these 4 I have made 2 more jars with the remainder of the mangoes using a slightly different recipe - hopefully they will taste just as nice as the first batch. 


  1. I love mangoes - and I love the yellow and pink colour of their skins - I think they're really pretty!!
    I'm not sure about the mango chutney, but cutting all your ingredients up first does look professional, Jo!! :)

  2. oooh, I love mangoes also and have been enjoying mango smoothies for lunch...yum! The chutney looks delish! :)

  3. That looks delicious. I see mangoes in the grocery here and I'm curious about them, but I have no idea how to choose one. How can I tell when one is ripe and ready to eat? Thank you!

  4. I don't mean to sound silly, but I'm unfamiliar with the word chutney. Could you please me what type of food this is?

    Mangos are not one of my favorite fruits either. When I used to work at the pre-school when I was unmarried, they served frozen mangos for snack, and I would eat them on occasion. However, I could only eat them cold or frozen. Warm mangos - ugh!

    I liked your ingredient display as well. I've never though of cutting-up and organizing all the ingredients before hand. Sounds like a great idea to me! :)

  5. Mara Wildflower - If I am making something that has lots of ingredients in I always cut everything up at the start. It is both a good way to make sure you have everything you need and when cooking there is no panic trying to measure the items. It also keeps the kitchen neat and tidy when cooking.

    The little white plates I use came from a kitchen store for around 50cents and I have quite a collection as they are very handy. If you have any Asian stores, they often sell them very cheaply as well.

    Chutney is a condiment that can be added to Indian dishes - however I like to eat Mango Chutney (and the cauliflower pickles I made the other day) with hot or cold cooked meat. Once served, I add a little of the chutney to my meat rather than a gravy. There are many different chutney recipes:

  6. Amy, I bought 7 mangos, 4 were very ripe - sweet smelling and softer to touch - the variety I bought turned yellow with a pink flush when ripe. When I sliced them the juices ran through my fingers. The 3 that were not as ripe were greener, so I let them sit in the fridge for a week until they soften and became more yellow - for the last few days I left them on the shelf. The stronger the smell the riper they are.

  7. Clara - even if I say so myself, this turned out to be one very good chutney!! You can swap mangos for peaches and make the smae recipe. I think that would be very nice - I much prefer peaches!! Maybe when they come into season.

  8. I don't know if all varieties get the pink flush, but for the ones that do, they are best eaten when they do get the pink flush - it means they are sweeter and less likely to have a sour twang to them (from my experience of eating them raw).

  9. Jo, you always were the picky eater! I loooove mangos -- they rank as one of my most favorite fruits -- and I love chutney. Would you mind sending me a jar? Actually, make another batch, because I would prefer mine with the ginger!!

  10. Nick, I would love to send you some. I also think you would like the Cauliflower pickles I have in the cupboard pus the jam I made. Sadly we live far to far apart.

    I don't like the texture of the mango, nor the smell - all this disappears in the chutney. We never ate or saw it as children from memory??

  11. You're correct, we never did eat them growing up. But AJ would buy them when I lived in Sydney and leave them in the dining room to ripen -- the whole room would fill with that wonderful smell!! (Yes, I'm quite sure I would like your cauliflower pickles ... on some cold lamb roast!!).

  12. oh yum yum yum!
    love mangoes and mango chutney:)
    I do understand you not liking them esp if you didn't grow up with them as I probably would say the same about some fruits I didn't grow up with that you did:)

  13. Jo- I am crazy about mangos- love love love them! Your mango chutney is beautiful- I've always wanted to make some. I have a favorite recipe for a sweet mango bread that I'd be happy to share with you. I'm sure your husband is thrilled with your special gift that you made.

  14. Maybe Nick should come to Oz for some chutney =) I'd love to see him too! =)

  15. Bets - he would need to stay long enough to eat all the chutney! I'm sure he couldn't take it back in his luggage!


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