I finally cracked it and other ramblings

I had this great idea (always a dangerous thing) . . . I wanted tabs on my blog but didn't have a clue how to do it.  So I did what I always do . . goggled for instructions and to my surprise I found some.  The instructions created the tabs but I couldn't figure out how make them to work.  I have never played with html before, I knew what should happen, just didn't know how to get there.  Anyway, thanks to my cousins husband (thanks Dan) who responded to my SOS . . . I was able to follow his instructions and now I have TABS!! I was very excited and did a little dance around the study.  Most are still under constructions, but whilst I am on holidays I will start to work on them.  I can't wait - these small things I find very exciting!!  So, whilst I was excited about my tabs, I decided to update my background!

After tidying up the linen cupboard and part of the study, I tackled the laundry yesterday.  We threw out so much "stuff" and moved a heap to the shed, such as paint, nails and fertilizer (my DH likes to stash things in the laundry).  Now it looks so much better, cleaner and tidier.  The worse of the cleaning has now been complete.  If I had a "to do list" I would have ticked those off.  The rest is easy in comparison.

I don't know about the rest of Australia - but in my little corner of Canberra it has been very GREY.  Summer, where are you? In stubbornness I have been wearing my summer skirts even though it is not the weather for them (topped with a cardigan to keep warm and at times slippers).  Today we had about an hour of blue sky and sunshine (DH and I went for a walk) then it turned grey again.  However, I must not complain, the rain has been wonderful for the garden and so far I haven't needed to water anything.

Our local Aldi supermarket has been selling lemonade from France in these really nice bottles. So for Christmas I bought a couple and we all felt very posh!!  It was very nice, not as sweet as our lemonade and very bubbly. Once finished, I removed the labels and filled them with water and put them in the fridge.  My son filled one bottle with shells.



  1. I'm so glad you could crack the html issues!! :)
    I think our grey spell up here might be coming to an end - January is supposed to bring with it some warmer weather (if the forecast is to be trusted).
    That lemonade sounds very different! I didn't see it at Aldi!

  2. You learn new things.
    Glad it worked. I like your blog.

    That you have your summer and we our winter in the Netherlands - is very special. God has seasons in the hand. Here it is also gray and rainy.

    Kind regards.

  3. I hate having to play with html. Visually over stimulating. lol You are brave.

    Grey here too & not really summerish at all. Which is better this far north.

    And can I ask, what are tabs?

  4. Well done! And they do work!

  5. They're gorgeous bottles, I miss Aldis..lol! Loving the color of your blog. Would you be willing to share the instructions on how to add tabs! I tried once too, but got stuck! xxx

  6. Sarah, I can try, but I might get you all confused!!! The instructions I found where incomplete, assuming you knew a lot more about HTML, which I didn't. That's what I needed to asked my cousins husband for assistances. I'll see what I can put together:)

  7. Ganeida, tabs are those things just below my header picture. If you click on them they will open to a single page. I'm going to use them to link to a fe of my favourite things, such as books, recipes, DVD etc... They are also called pages.

  8. Sarah-I love Aldi and have picked up so many things for the house at such a cheap price, especially for the kitchen. I also buy most my groceries from there to ( when I don't go to Costco).

  9. I added my tabs "stress free" just using the pages link on the left hand side on the blogger dashboard.


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