I'm ready for Christmas

I am completely ready for Christmas:
  • The turkey (legs) are in the freezer ready to defrost on Saturday
  • The ham is in its’ ham bag ready for baking on Sunday afternoon
  • The veggies are in the fridge (just need to pick up a lettuce on Saturday)
  • The plum pudding is bought (only 2 of us eat it so it isn’t worth making by hand)
  • I have cream and ice-cream
  • Mince pies, chocolate coated almonds and other nibbles are safely hidden
  • And the drinks are bought

I can’t think of anything I have missed. This is good as I really want to avoid the shops on Saturday morning as they will be chaotic for sure and finding a car park will be a nightmare.

And as to our plans on Christmas Day—it will be very quiet indeed (all our family live interstate or overseas) with only one son in the morning who will return for dinner, so no noisy excited children this year. I might even be able to enjoy an afternoon rest! As for food—DH and I will have roasted turkey legs with roast veggies and if there is room a mince pie for dessert.  For dinner we are having baked glazed ham with salad followed by plum pudding, custard and cream.

What are your plans for the 25th of December?

On the 26th, I will be eating very little!!  I have 2 weeks at home to rest and relax.  No plans as such, my only plan is to enjoy the time!


  1. Well done! My parents just live 3 doors up the road so we join for a very festive lunch. Then from the 27th our Self contained B&B is booked out, we'll be busy! Have a lovely restful holiday. :)

  2. I'm so glad that you are organized and ready for your holiday. As I was sick all week last week, it's put quite a strain on me for this week, so I am not as prepared as I should have been, sigh! It's causing me a bit of stress. :/

    At any rate, your holiday plans sound delightful. We usually eat "junk food" on Christmas day. What I mean is, for dinner, we will be having chocolate chip waffles with strawberries and whipped cream. We don't eat this much, as it's VERY rich, but I make it on Christmas for the two of us.

    Oh, before I forget, I mailed your cookbook yesterday, so please keep your eyes glued to your mailbox for the next several weeks.I have NO idea how long it will take to get to your house since you live overseas. :)

  3. M Wildflower: I do hope you are feeling better now. The strawberries and cream sound delicious. I am trying to maintain my diet (which I have been on for 11 months) so ‘sort of” watching what I eat this Christmas – but not stressing about it!!

    Can’t wait for the cookbook. Will let you know when it arrives. Mail usually takes around 1-2 weeks to arrive from the US.


  4. Wishing you a Happy Joyful Christmas and New Year full of unexpected blessings.

    Your plan to enjoy the time whatever sounds a good one. I will be with family, children and grandchildren aiming not to eat too much and not to stress too much.

  5. Nothing doing on the 25th, but on the 26th we're having a family day with all the immediate family in Sydney. :) I'm really looking forward to Dan's time off work! :)

  6. Clara - one of my fondess memories of this time of the year were the large family gatherings we had on the farm with all the relatives from Syndey, Queensland and Alelaide all getting together. They were the best of times for sure. We either got together on Christmas Day, Boxing Day or New Years Day.

    Enjoy your time with Dan, I am sure you all will have a wonderful little break.

  7. NITA - have a WONDERFUL time with all your family.

  8. Hi Jo, just wondering if you have a personal email! I would like to ask you something!

  9. (I should clarify - our family get-together on 26th is only my immediate family - father and sisters - not a Blair family meet!) We always used to do a Blair family get-together on the Australia Day weekend when we were growing up, and that is a wonderful memory, just like your memories of Blair family gatherings. (Although I confess, I think your family gatherings were probably more fun because you had more cousins!!) Good times. :)

  10. Sarah, yes I do, it is joluisesd@gmail.com

  11. Enjoy your two weeks at home...rest and relax.

    Merry Christmas...sounds like you are ready..we are ready here also and begin our celebrate tonight with extended family

  12. Hi Jo-
    It's a good feeling to have all the plans made and organized. Your holiday sounds totally relaxing and quiet-- and you have 2 weeks off to follow that- I'm so envious!

    I was thrilled to hear from you this morning- it was fate as I've been thinking about you as well!!

    Have a wonderful Christmas- ( its hard for me to get used to the idea of your Christmas in summertime!!)

    Happy Holidays dear Jo-


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