Art Wednesday: COWS

Herd by Nat

I am a farmers daughter so perhaps that is why I find cows so appealing, they make me smile!  Cows seem to be quite the favourite farm animal to paint, both by the famous and the not so famous.  Today I am going to dedicate Art Wednesday to all the cows that have served us so well - supplying milk to drink, to use to make cheese, cream and butter and for their leather and their meat. And to just enjoy whilst they stand in the paddock chewing their cud.  What would we do without cows?

Did you know that cattle are mentioned 34 times in the Bible?

He causeth the grass to grow for the cattle,
and herb for the service of man:
that he may bring forth food out of the earth.
Psalm 104:14

Delta Cows by Lowell Herrero
Waiting for company by Lowell Herrero
Surrounded by sunflowers by Lowell Herrero
I couldn't talk about cow paintings without including some by Lowell Herrero - a painter I really like and I just love his cows (cats, rosters, ok most of his art!!).

Resting cows by Anton Mauvre
Cows by Paulus Potter, Dutch painter (1625-54)
Sheperdess with sheep, goat and cow by Julian Dupre
Milkmaids in the fields by Julian Dupre

Cows and ducks by Claude Cardon
painting by Janis Fitch
paintings by Janis Fitch
Summer in Lancaster county by Janis Fitch
I might revisit Janis Fitch as I really like her work. Like me, she also likes cows and that must make her an artist worth following up!

The three paintings below are by Teresa Elliott, an artist from Texas - these are amazing, almost photographic. Here is the link to her webpage:
by Teresa Elliott
painting by Teresa Elliot
painting by Teresa Elliot


  1. I LOVE these cows!!
    They each have a charm about them.
    I do like art that is realistic to me, such as the last picture..but I love the joy of the first lot very much!!
    Thanks for making me smile too :-)
    bless you..Trish

  2. This was my favourite! Delta Cows ~ Lowell Herrero. I love the evening, the reflection & the swans going the other way. Lovely!

  3. I too love cows - and the country style life they represent. Have you ever noticed their eyes? They have beautiful eyes (and so do elephants)! :)

  4. Clara - have you noticed that some cows have sad looking eyes, whilst other have comforting "mother" like eyes that want to take care of you. If the farm yard was a family, the cows would be the mothers and kind aunts whilst the pigs would be the naughty children!!

    They also look happy and content.

  5. haha my daughter is obsessed with cows! I'll have to show this post to her :-)


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