Birthday wish lists

Today is my son's birthday - he is 24 years old.  I asked him what he would like for a gift - as I know he has quite a long wish list!  A few years ago the wish list would have contained computer games, books, music and DVDs.  Last year he wanted money so he could buy computers parts for his custom made computer, this year's list contained the following - maturity has arrived.
This was a little pricy, but happy to contribute.
Circulon 12"x18" Outdoor BBQ Pan - he found something almost as good in Costco that he bought with birthday money so now he is the proud owner of one roasting pan!
Circulon 10-Piece Set
What a nice dinning table my son selected
I did think when I had 2 sons that I would never be able to buy "house and home" gifts as most men don't want saucepans for their birthday.  But I have a rather unusual son who loves to cook . .  and would love saucepans as you can see!!  When we were in Costco last week he spotted a roasting pan, he was so excited and used some birthday money to buy it - how many boys get excited over roasting pans!

For Christmas we bought him a GPS so he wouldn't get lost in Melbourne and as it was on sale he had some left over money  . . . so he bought an iron (yes, the sort that you use to iron clothes with) with the change!!!  Of all the things he could have bought, my son bought something he needed (being practical) rather than something like a book or computer game.

When I took my son and his fiance shopping on Saturday to look at furniture he was very excited and walk around pointing to all the things he would like to add to his home . . . he really is a home maker . . . not only women like to create a home . . . I think it is wonderful that men like to do this too.  



  1. I don't think helping make a home nice is something men like to boast about, but I think a lot of men probably enjoy at least being a part of the decision making and product buying (even if it's only secretly!)! The difference is with the kitchen products - only some men like to buy them - only the kinds of men who like to get in the kitchen and cook... And I'm glad Dan does, too!! :)

  2. Clara - I quite like discussing saucepans with T, he likes to tell me the ones that are the best and where to buy them!! He also likes to send me photos of inside his fridge so I can see what he has been making/buying!!

  3. Hubby arranged the pantry! Ad the linen cupboard! Now they are normally a women's job, aren't they? He is very involved with everything, which can be interesting.... and fun too!
    Sounds like your training was a success!!

  4. How neat, and what a blessing to you as the mom! :-) My husband has helped some with the house arranging and choosing color schemes, but he is quite involved with the kitchen things. He loves to buy kitchen stuff. LOL

    My dad has always been very involved in decorating their houses. He isn't so interested in kitchen stuff except in that they help make Mom's life easier, but the setting up of the house interests him a lot. :-) His dad wasn't like that at all, though.

    I guess some men are more interested in such things than others. :-) I agree that men can be good home makers too, and I think it's a good thing when a house reflects both the husband and wife.


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