Thrift shopping

My 19 year old son loves second-hand shopping (mother like son!) and is always looking for a bargain so he was very excited about taking me to a place he had discovered recently. Off we went yesterday to a large shed not far from a local dump - it was full of "stuff" and with a little searching we found heaps of bargains - I was as excited as he was. I could not believe the total price. For everything below we paid $30 (US/Aus). I think I will take my eldest son on our next trip as he might find some things for his house.

These are tall thin mugs, not chips - really nice for hot chocolate.
Rustic soup bowls - quite heavy, no chips in excellent condition. These will be great in winter with hearty soup.
3 pottery bowls - in perfect condition.  We think they are hand made. I have my garlic bulbs in one.
One cute kitty (Japanese)- how could I leave her there alone.  This vintage cat is selling on eBay for $19.00 in the US! She will be much loved in my home.
One sturdy basket in good condition!  I have it next to my chair, very handy for the books I am currently reading, my pencils and paper, hand cream + my embroidery.


This acoustic guitar was in excellent condition - my son thought it hadn't been played very much as it is hardly worn at all.  It had only just arrived at the store, so we were very fortunete to get it as it would have gone quickly.  He really wanted an acoustic guitar so he could learn more spanish music that he loves to play (his grandmother was of Basque hertiage, so I think it is in his blood!). Once he replaced the strings, the sound was excellent - this was a bargain!!!!! This was probably $30 and the rest was free.
Playing beautiful Spanish classical music - sounded lovely.


  1. Wow, that's so cool! Bargain shopping is so much fun, isn't it?! What an amazing find that guitar is!!! Love the basket, too - it looks so sturdy and beautiful all at the same time!

  2. Thrift shopping is like treasure hunting to me. I love it and you all got some great finds!

  3. Thrift stores are always my first stop for anything other than food. You found some great deals.

  4. Wow - what great finds - I love the cups - and the kitty figurine! Shopping at the thrift stores is so much fun - you just never know what you might find. I always feel so fulfilled - like I have really done something great when I find treasures!


  5. WOW! I adore your guitar and I love Spanish classical! Love the soup bowls and your basket! What treasures!

  6. That guitar is quite a good deal! I must admit, though, that the basket and kitty are my favorites of your finds. So cute!

  7. Second hand stores can be so much fun when you find good things you really need or wanted! :-)


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