Are you a "people person"?

The art of conversation
When I was young my mum would embarrass me (not intentionally) by talking to complete strangers.  She could chat to anyone. She just seemed to be a natural whilst I was too shy to even consider doing this. As I get older, I find that I am turning into my mother and talking to complete strangers myself. I was in line the other day at the supermarket and I started up a conversation with the lady in front of me and the one behind. It made the wait far more enjoyable and I walked off with a little bounce in my step. Whilst at the Theatre on Saturday evening (waiting in the "toilet line") I had a lovely conversation with two elderly ladies behind me.  It now seems so natural and normal . . .  that shyness I once had is long gone!!

I am a "people person", I love being around people, I love talking to people (and that is why I love blogging as it involves people). I would hate to be at home where I didn't see people during the day.  I am one of those humans that need other people around them.  This is perhaps why I enjoy working - I work in a customer service area where my jobs involves talking with others on a regular basis. This is something I enjoy.  There is no better feeling than hanging up the phone knowing that I have helped one of my client do their job.

I visited the local butcher on Saturday with a voucher, there was a problem with the voucher and I wasn't able to use it.  The lady behind the counter explained to me the problem and I thank her for the information.  I must have appeared friendly and kind as she went on to explain that other customers had sworn abuse at her and threatened to open the till themselves to extract the cash the believed was owning to them.  I was amazed at how aggressive and angry some people were.  Not in wildest dreams did I think of threatening this poor woman, either by words or actions . . . it wasn't her fault there was a problem, she was the messenger.  Even though being kind and friendly to others makes me feel good, it also makes the other person feel good and that is what is truly important.

Are you a people person or are you happy being on your own all day?

PS I was on the phone to my mum last week and a couple of nurses (she is in a nursing home now) came into her room during our long conversation, she was so kind to them, complimenting on their hair or how pretty they looked. That's my mum, finding something nice or positive to say to someone . . . its a good example to follow and thanks to mums example, I now can freely talk to strangers whilst waiting in a queue and find I really enjoy it.

And be ye kind one to another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God for Christ's sake hath forgiven you.
Ephesians 4:32


  1. Not a people person ~ I like people but find dealing with them exhausting. I need lots of alone time to function well. Still, people seem to think chatting with me is fine when I have to be out & about. I get all sorts. People have such interesting & varied lives!

  2. Ganeida - I am probably one of those annoying people - you must have that interesting inviting face!!

    No, I only chat to those people who appear to want to talk, otherwise I don't - it not hard to tell those who want to be left alone. It's not as if I talk non-stop.

  3. I sm also a people person, but I can enjoy my own company when I am at home...

    1. I find that I talk to myself!!! Do you go that too?

  4. I was just talking to someone yesterday about me being an introvert and she was surprised! I've had this reaction from others too, so I must appear to be a people person much more than I really am:) I definitely enjoy being alone more than with others though I tend to think that's changing a bit and I think I'm a mixed bag these days:) but definitely not one to start up a conversation with a stranger, that I find terribly difficult!!!

  5. I recognize myself in what you tell about your mother. My mother chatted with strangers. And yes, I do also do it. My daughter grumbles about it.

    Deep conversations about what I feel, what I think I save for people I know. I can always chatting but I do not really converse with just anyone about my feelings etc.

  6. I am also a mixture of "people person" and "loner". I used to spend great quantities of time alone, but the older I've grown the more I enjoy and even need to be around people - in particular my family and closer friends.

    I can talk to strangers sometimes and try to be friendly, but also it is usually just light chatting. My dad is a people person and most of his life has been able to strike up very interesting conversations with strangers, sometimes even about sensitive subjects. I'm not that outgoing, but I'm better than I used to be.

    Dealing with anxiety disorder and also some depression I've come to realize that I need more contact with people to help me deal with life. Withdrawing into myself only causes deeper struggles, so I need to keep getting out and communicating. Church meetings are one of my best outlets. However, too much contact with people (especially in noisy situations or intense conversations) can cause me extra stress, so I have to work for a happy medium. Thankfully, my husband is a quiet, livable person who makes me very comfortable. :-)

  7. My mother was a bit like that too... I used to avoid talking to people, but over the past few years (since having children actually, seeing as that is a conversation starter), I have occasionally had opportunity to talk to random strangers, and I agree with you - it can be such an uplifting experience! I don't do it all the time - not a huge conversationalist even with people I know well - but sometimes you just run into someone who is easy to chat with.
    As for being a people person - I'm a bit of both. Sometimes I really enjoy being around people, and sometimes I just want to be home with my little family only.

  8. I know you wrote this ages ago, but I saw it today, and it made me laugh! My mother talked to others, and it was embarrassing (as Clara said), but now I talk to people all the time!
    I hope my children will learn it is not embarrassing, but something normal - why should we not talk? I think especially as Christians we have a joy and a hope, and being joyful should make us willing to talk to others, and be thought of as friendly. This would have the effect of making people want to know that joy, or what makes us tick...

  9. Bets - I do it all the time to, it makes waiting in line more enjoyable. Just talking to one other person can cheer up their day and make such a differences. My children, from memory, wern't embarrassed by me talking to others, in fact Caius does it himself now quite naturally.


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