Art Wednesday: Scott E. Bartner

Potrait of Mrs Hannie De Graaff-Hesselin, 1976

Artist: Scott E. Bartner
American, born 1960 - currently lives in Maastricht, Netherlands

Scott E. Bartner was born in Washington, D.C. in 1960 and grew up in the suburbs of Bethesda, Maryland. Despite growing up in an artistic household, Scott never gave the slightest indication of the direction his career would eventually take. In fact, it wasn't until his sophomore year at Rutgers College, where he was studying economics, that he received his first exposure to art history in a course taken more on a whim than with any real intention of studying the subject seriously.

After college Scott went directly to business school, earned his Master's degree, and soon found himself working as a financial analyst in a large bank. The work was dull, the environment oppressive, and in this setting he started to draw. His father, then Chief of the Medical Illustration Department at the National Institutes of Health, showed him the basics of drawing and form.
Bo-Louise, 2008
Scott married a Dutch woman in 1987 and together they decided that, if he could find employment in the Netherlands, they would move abroad. He stayed in his wife's native South Limburg during the rainy autumn months, beginning his first portraits using pastels to fill the time. Failing to find work, Scott returned to Bethesda in 1988 where he resumed his career in finance, this time with a real estate investment trust. During this period, he began his first copies of old master drawings, drew from models at a local college and received his first lessons in oil painting from an artist and colleague of his father, Al Loang. Scott later took drawing and painting classes at The American University and was encouraged by his teacher, Ruth Stroik, to continue his studies. A turning point in his artistic development was a three-week trip to Tuscany with fellow art students, where the works of Andrea Del Sarto, Giorgione, Titian and Caravaggio made a lasting impression.

In 1993 he moved to Maastricht, where he established himself as a professional portrait painter. Since then he has received numerous portrait commissions throughout Europe and the United States. Scott currently resides in Maastricht with his second wife Marianne. (source)

Mrs Heidi van Beuningen-Ferrier
Young woman with shawl
Juliette, 2008
Lindsay, 2005
Portrait of Henk, 2012
Aida, 2011
Louke, Baroness van Hovell, 2010
Portrait of the violinist Shlomo Mintz, 2009
Portrait of Eva - Oil on watercolour paper

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