My old printer wasn't working and no matter how many times we cleaned it it didn't make any differences. I suppose 6 years is very old for a modern printer . . . it was time to replace it!! So on Saturday we went shopping and bought a brand new Canon printer that does a beautiful job.  Now I can print off my photos and turn them into cards . . . the quality of the print is very good, making them ideal for cards. Here are 2 that I made and over the coming weeks I will make more for birthdays this year.

This was a sunset that we had a couple of days ago. It looked like the sky was on fire.
A few months ago I bought a butterfly punch (Martha Stewart) and have been having fun making 3D butterflies (each butterfly is 3 layers).  I really like the card, but not so sure about the canvas.  Perhaps because I have painted the canvas black, maybe a different colour would be better. 

I painted a small canvas black and made 3D butterflies - each one has 3 layers. Still deciding if I like this or not.


  1. I might not be like everyone else, but I prefer the first butterfly card. Or it could look great on a light blue or purple background, maybe the black looks OK when you see it in real life?

  2. I think you did a wonderful job! I love that photo of the sunset too. It is unbelievable! Have a blessed Sunday. :)

  3. Your butterfly cards look wonderful! Yes, the butterflies on the pink background are lovely, but the ones against the black background aren't too bad. It kind of has an "artsy" appeal to me. :)

    Your photography cards look great as well.


    P.S. I sent you an email. I hope you'll read it soon! :)

  4. Mara - thankyou for your lovely comments. I have the black one on my desk and I keep looking at it wondering how I could improve it!! As yet, I am still undetermined.

    Yes, I just got your email. I can't reply until I get home from work, but I will. I was only thinking of you on the weekend as I was sewing a lavendar bag. I was wondering how your sewing was coming along and thinking how nice it would be to have a sewing buddy!! Sadly you live too far away. Not having anyone close by to help me, it can be hard to sewing - sometimes I feel like I am muddling through!!

  5. I very much enjoy making homemade cards. Yours look very nice. :-) How exciting to get a new printer! We have one that I have used for the same thing. :-) It adds to the pleasure of photography to be able to use one's own photos to make greeting cards. :-)

    Perhaps the butterflies on the black canvas would look better in a pink frame? Or perhaps switch one butterfly out for a bright pink and leave the other five pale. I also think that it looks artsy, and can imagine that some girl or lady would find it quite attractive.

    1. Thankyou for your suggestions - I will continue to play and try out different colours. The paint isn't expensive, so perhaps I should buy some other colours!

  6. I think they all look fabulous. Home made cards are so precious to receive. Loving the glorious sun set, the flowers, the butterflies. The wonders of creation are showpieced beautifully!

  7. Beautiful Jo! may I ask where you bought the butterfly punchers from as I've been looking for similar ones after I saw someone with one (they bought theirs overseas). I think my dd would love some of those punchers if I can buy them locally:)

  8. Joyfulmum - I bought mine from ebay (Aus) and the link below is one from ebay. You could ask your local craft store if they have them. There is quite a range of Martha Stewart punches - this one does require quite a bit of effort to punch - strong hands!!

  9. Oh great! Thanks for this Jo! I will look into it:)

  10. Love the cards, Jo! :) The sunset photo is stunning! Love the butterflies - I think they look great! :)

    (Finally here to read up on all the blog posts I missed - might take me awhile to get through them all!!!) :)


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