Dear friends. . . .

Dear friends,

It is Saturday morning . . . overcast and cold.  I sit at my desk in a demin skirt, pink top, pink cardigan and pink slippers. Not really a summer outfit, but it's too cold for anything else.  I have just come back from the shops where I bought some nighties for my mother, a cardigan for myself and a jelly bag for when I make jelly jam. My kitty (Ruby) is sitting next to me in her chair, curled up tightly to keep warm.  In a moment I am off to make Whoopie Pies.  Come around for afternoon tea, and you can share them with me.  More the merrier.

Lots of love Jolusie xxx

PS Each day I take a photo for my "Project 365" album (link) and the ones below are for this week (Wednesday is missing as I didn't really like it!). Enjoy. . . .
Monday: this is my fruit bowl, but you will notice that it doesn't just contain fruit! I love all the colours.
Tuesday: Members Hall at Parliament House, Canberra. I am standing on the 1st floor looking down to the central Hall.
Thurday: sunrise on the way to work - I just loved the sun trying to push it's through the clouds
Friday: A bracelet that my friend gave me after her trip to Bali, I love all the detail.
Saturday: Waiting for my hot chocolate to arrive. It was very yummy and worth the wait.
And, for cat lovers, this one is for you.

Wednesday 1st Feb: Ruby not happy!!!  She does like to curl in bags, at some point someone was going to move her!!


  1. Hi Jo, nice colorful photos! It's certainly funny old weather. I have had my cousin and her family here with four children, and right now she is cooking a roast lamb and vegetables for tea..YUM! Smells delish! Have a lovely evening. (-:

  2. Great pictures Jo!
    Enjoy your weekend!

  3. I've been enjoying your daily photo! :)
    As for the weather, I doubt we're going to see much summer, unless the weather pattern suddenly changes! We can be thankful for the rain though - all the weather we're having right now is *much* preferred to stinking hot drought weather, in my opinion! :)

  4. P.S. Which Whoopie Pies did you make and how were they?? Wish I could've had a taste! :)

  5. Clara - I made the chocolate ones - BUT don't make the marshmallow classic (that uses golden syrup) as it is SO SWEET I couldn't eat it. Instead I am using cream in the middle.

  6. Love the picture of the cat in the bag. Looks like something my husband would do. Also, I love that colorful basket and the fruit bowl! :-)

    Wish I could join you for tea and whoopie pies. :-) My parents and I have tea together several times a week usually, and sometimes other family members join us. Generally it's around 4ish in the afternoon. Today my husband and I and my mom had tea time together since my dad was out. :-) We eat a light meal (or "glorified snack") with it.

  7. Great photos!
    Are your Whoopie Pies made with an Amish recipe, Jo?
    I read about them on a favourite Amish blog that I follow and they sound very yummy!
    It's cool and wet here in the Central Tablelands of NSW too- rain just about every day.
    Strange weather for an Aussie summer.
    The plants are already turning autumn hues...

  8. Trish, yes they are. I bought a book dedicated to Whoopie Pies!! I now have lots of recipes to choice from.

    We are getting rain everyday to - it is weird, but, I won't complain as it hasn't caused any flooding or damage, just watering my garden and giving us a cool summer. I have also noticed a few trees changing colours.

    And the poor pets don't know what to do with their coats, cold one day and warm the next.


  9. Mary - I very rarely have company for morning or afternoon tea, it would be such a treat to share one with others. Sadly my parents live in another state so I can't enjoy their company every often.

  10. It is hard to believe we are in the same country on the same weekend,Jo. Sweltering here :-( and threatening to storm. I hope you had a good one. If I ever get to Canberra I will certainly call for a cuppa!

  11. Jo- I can't believe you are having a cold snap there-- this is your summer-- right?

    Oh I love the weeks worth of photos-- your beautiful fruit bowl- that incredible sunrise-- and Ruby (just hilarious!) that one is priceless!

    Sending hugs right back to you--


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