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The occasional thunderstorm is quite enjoyable, every night is just a pain. Summer at my place is meant to be hot and dry.  Summer this year is grey (overcast), cool, slightly humid and wet (it's raining as I write).  I feel like I am living in the tropics!  On Saturday night we had an impressive thunderstorm followed by an even more impressive hailstorm.  My son and I stood on the front porch and watch the amazing show (no photos sadly), at one point it was raining leaves as they were being shredded from the Gum Trees. My poor zucchini and pumpkin plants look worse the wear now and aren't likely to recover.

The major problem with thunderstorms is our dog (Gaia). The moment he hears the noise he barks.  He will stand in the pouring rain and bark.  He will run about wagging his tail and bark.  And he will bark non stop until the thunder has past us.We can't quite work out why he barks as he doesn't appear to be scared - we think he is "telling it off"!!  In sympathy for the neigbours, we bring Gaia inside and shut him in the bathroom where he generally barks less - a safe warm place to be. However we have noticed he will bark at the smallest amount of thunder or when it starts to rain as it appears he likes these indoor trips. I feel that we are being conned by a dog.

The other problem with thunderstorms is that I can't use the computer. DH doesn't like them plugged in or the internet on during storms, so my computer usage has been interuppted of late. So my apologies if I haven't visited your blog as much as usual, I only have a short time on the computer before the nightly thunder arrives. 

PS it has just started to rain and the dog has started to bark (in the rain), no thunder anywhere near us tonight - but nevertheless, Gaia is now in the bathroom - warm and cosy!!  He is happy:)

This is Gaia as a pup - how cute:)


  1. We have been in a we are having rain, but really not thunderstorms right now. Our dog doesn't like them either

  2. Wow nice dog. Many dogs are afraid of thunderstorms and fireworks. Maybe a calming pill?

    Fortunately no storm but a careful springtime here. The snow has melted and in the garden blooming snowdrops.

    1. We try and avoid tablets but we are finding that putting Gaia into the bathroom works quite well - I think because it is safe and enclosed which makes him feel calmer.

      Enjoy that spring - Love snowdrops!

  3. yea I can totally relate Jo! we've had a very unusual summer haven't we! ipads certainly come in handy during thunderstorms around here:)

  4. Joyfulmum - I do use my iPad during thunderstorms but find it can be slow opening up some blogs - but it is very handy nevertheless!!

  5. I'm not really sure WHAT happened to summer this year - so mild and even cold! I'm not sure we're in for a cheerful autumn either... But I'm living in hope!!

    As for your conning dog - that is very funny! How very clever of him!!


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