Art Wednesday: 2012 Archiblad Prize

The finalists have been selected for the 2012 Archibald Prize (Portrait). These are my favourites, however, I have to admit I did struggle to find ten out of the forty-one paintings that I liked. Most I didn't. The first two paintings are ones I think should win, but it is highly unlikely as these sort of paintings never wins. These paintings are often considered to be too "photographical", lack character, and too traditional and this is bad if you want to win the Archibald Prize! The winner will be announced on the 30th of March.

Paintings are exhibited at the Art Gallery of NSW and they have been the source of the paintings below. 

Self portrait by Marcus Callum

Tim Maguire byAngus McDonald
Fenella Kernebone by Nick Stathopoulos
A strenght of character by Raelene Sharp.  This painting was selected as the "Packing Room" winner.
Old master, Charles Blackman by Melissa Egan
Bibliography by Robin Eley
Self-portrait in the image of my son by Michael Peck
Homage to Esben Storm by Jiawei Shen
Elile Sherman by Adam Chang

The histrionic wayfarer (after Bosch) by Tim Storrier) - is this a portrait - but I do like all the detail?

No . . not a favourite - how did this get selected in the top 41?
Self-portrait in Antarctica with penguin and Mawson's huts by Wendy Sharpe

Did you like any?
If you want to see all 41, here is the link.
Warning . . . some paintings are not suitable for children. 


  1. There's some great artistic talent in some of those pieces, but I have to say, none of them really struck me as being fantastic or likeable, really. Just my opinion!

    1. None struck me either - wouldn't rush out and buy any of these!! Can imagine which one will win :)

  2. Hmmm, nothing jumps out of any of the 41 actually. Quite disappointing.

  3. I am behind in reading blogs due to spring break...but your art post are always the best. How one truly is in the eye of the beholder.

    I can't believe you can't put up your own ceiling fan. I have installed all our ceiling fans in all our homes for over 20 years, removed and replaced lights..etc, etc. For that to be illegal is unreal to me...I don't pay for anything if possible.

  4. Janette - I think they think we might do it all wrong and burn down the house!! It is very expensive to get someone to do these things which is why I am putting off this little job for a while!

  5. I actually liked quite a few of these: Robin Eley, Michael Peck, Nick Strathopaoulos[?]. UNfortunately your link isn't working for me & I don't have time to do a search this morning. I always enjoy seeing how awful the year's winner is. lol I don't think they've ever chosen one I actually liked! ☺


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