Art Wednesday: June Dudley

Cowboy, let's ride
This old house (I just love the shadows falling across the house)
Artist: June Dudley
Born: USA

I love the work of June Dudley.  The pieces are beautiful, full of colour and life plus I love the way she incorporates her grandchildren into many of the paintings. Selecting just a couple of paintings is share with you is almost impossible. So if you like her as much as I do, please go and visit her website.

If I could paint, this is the sort of paintings I would love to be able to do. I do not have the talent, so I will enjoy these instead!!

Shades of Evening
Coming up daisies
P & J Farms - commissioned by P & J Brands, Phoenix, Arizona - Grandaughter Megan is the young lady
Morning chat - grandson Drew chatting with a Brahma cow.
Autumn's handiwork - Sabiral River, Texas Hill Country
Old fashioned charm - I love old buildings in paintings, so this is another favourite.  I wish I could paint like this.
Summer dreams
October sunlight
Crowning glory - bougainvillea, Santa Barbara - California
Flowers for a lady. These are the June's two grandchildren - Megan and Braxton
Heavenly blessings - June's grand-daughter Kelsey


  1. I love her use of light & the stippling on the buildings! So lovely.

  2. Hi Jo, absolutely breathtaking! These are glorious paintings! xxx

    1. Glad you like them, I loved them too. She is very talented :)

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  4. Absolutely beautiful! It's hard to pick one as my favourite!

  5. Aren't the colours and scenes just fabulous. One could really relax and enjoy living in such places! How precious that she has painted her little grandchildren in them, an extra special memory for them.

  6. oh, these are fantastic! I LOVE them!! I too wish I had this kind of skill! :) What a beautiful idea, to put her grandchildren into the paintings too - what a way to make and keep memories, especially if she keeps adding them over the years, showing their age changing with time!! :)

    1. I wish I could paint like this, one day perhaps I might take lessons:)

  7. I am so glad everyone enjoyed this artist - she is also on of my favourite and I stumbled upon her work quite by accident. I am so pleased I did. I to, love all the grandchildren - that adds such a personal touch.

  8. Oh wow, I really like her paintings too! Thank you for sharing these! I like to paint "when I have time" too--hah!


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